Cinnamon Sticks?


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Wow I just had a vanilla moose and put 1/2 a cinnamon bark in and mashed it up and it had little bits in the moose It was lovely. It was so nice that I had to do some research online. I am not sure we can have them I worked out there was around 10-15 calories in 1/2 a bark. Does anyone know if we can we have cinnamon?

Here is the positive research I found:

Aparently Cinnamon, makes cells much more sensitive to insulin, thus increasing glucose metabolism, a process in which cells convert blood sugar to energy. As little as half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can produce effects that in some cases are nearly as dramatic as those produced by the drugs known as statins to reduce cholesterol.

It also said that the one of the best ways to get a substantial dose is to boil cinnamon sticks in water to make tea.

Full Article:

Living - The Cincinnati Post
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Thanks, I did not get the yellow book from my CDC so not sure if they are. I got a pink booklet? Was I suppose to get the yellow one too.


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Oh yeaaaaaaaah!! Your CDC should have given you the yellow book...they can charge for it but most don't. It's the best ruddy leaflet we have!!!


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In the Code of Conduct, it states that CDCs should give you both - although they are allowed to charge for them (as they cost CDCs money to buy).

So if I were you, I would ask your CDC for a yellow one - it covers everything - all the different programmes for maintenance/weight loss etc.

However, as you've got the pink booklet - go by that. If it's not in there, you can't have it lol.