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Cinnamon ... ?


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It's a herb root, like licorice
I have licorice tea, and have lost as normal

"they" have only said fruit teas are out?
I think "they" err on the side of caution - they don't want us adding maple syrup or whatever! but in moderation I think most normal household herbs and spices are probably fine - if it keeps us on plan it's got to be better than us lapsing I guess.:D
I don't know what I'll add to my vanilla, but it'll have to be something to take the smell away as I can't stand vanilla!


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Ah thanks guys.

I too can't stand anything vanilla - except icecream and buttercream! :giggle:


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i tried adding tabasco to one of my soups but rendered it inedible....a little ott but really dont like the tomato one!! bleugh!!!


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Awww i :heartpump: the tomato and basil one! :)


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I put a tsp of coffee & a couple of sweeteners in my vanilla shake this morning & it was lovely! I could almost imagine I was having something naughty!
Just steeling myself to down a thai chicken soup - I have gone right off all the soups at the mo. Dont think I will be ordering any of them next time.


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Awwww I am loving all the soups! Not keen on any of the shakes! But if ya look at em like fat burning medicine it's all good!! Lol
OK here are a couple of new shake ideas that I've been experimenting with this week, and a reminder of the old fave. :)

Banana or vanilla with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla with a sprinkle of mixed spice.

Strawberry or chocolate made up with water & some crushed ice, then a couple of shredded mint leaves* on top.

Mixing - strawberry & vanilla go OK together, and chocolate goes with all the others.

Cocoa powder - small sprinkle on any of them.

*I now have a "mint tower" on my patio. :eek: I bought a teracotta strawberry planter - you know like a vase but with some holes on the sides? I have peppermint and spearmint in the top of it and applemint, pineapplemint and chocolate mint (honest! :D) poking out of the holes. The mint plants were about £1.50 each from my local garden centre.

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