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<<**}}} claire's cambridge diary {{{**>>


cos i need this xxx
hiya all!!

have decided to start a cambridge diary on here to help me on my way!
met with my cdc today and was v impressed. i dunno what i was expecting but her home office setup was really reassuringly professional but relaxed enough to put u at ease! i got my weeks worth of products - i was impressed that the ready made shakes were the same price as the sachets - i thought they'd be more pricy - like with slimfast the bottles are sooo much more expensive than the powders. but anyways, am rambling!!!
i bought quite a varied range of stuff, i got mainly shakes but 2 soups and 2 of both flavours of porrige :)
its good cos i know that my cd (sorry , cwp!!) stuff is all i have for me all week - so if i dont like it - tough!!
i'm starting tomorrow and looking forward to it!
i have to go for lunch with my dad, stepmum, 2 sisters and theiir friends (my family is visiing from england) so i hope that goes ok. im gonna try my best to do 100% - i know this time im really gonna change my ways of eating for good. i need to get a grip on things and get to wherei wanna be!

well, tomorrow im looking forward to -

bfast - butterscotch shake
lunch - tomato soup
dinner - mint choc shake

plus have 2.5 litres of water in seperate bottles in the fidge so i know i gotta drink those and make sure each is empty by night time!

ooooh so excited!!!!

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Perseverance is key
Good luck on your journey hun :) xx
Good Luck....!!! I'm sure the weight will come off fast, make sure u stick to it 100%, sooo no cheating :p


cos i need this xxx
thank you shanny! have had my butterscoch shake and am raring to go!!!



cos i need this xxx
i cant wait for saturday now lol for my 1st wi!!!
it must feel amazing to be able to say - ive lost x stones! my x will be 5 lol!!! so excited to be doing this!!! how was ur first week when u started??

Well i will be honest with you first week i cheated by eating HARIBO's lol told my CDC she laughed at me.! lost 4 lbs hahahahaha

Second week on SS i lost 6.5 lbs alot better than the first week.
even today my CDC asks "shanny any haribos hiding in the bag" lol we laugh at it.!
But dont cheat hun stick with the diet.xx


cos i need this xxx
hahaha amazing!
i really wanna do 100% so am pretty certain i can do it!!!

Even today i am looking forward to my satday wi cuz i plan to be 100% this week.!

i scream jump up and down when ive had good losses.! lol lol i love it. im not ment to but ss for 3 days this week, but plan to be at home lost of magazines and water that will keep me going.!

Im gonna have me strawberry tetra now.x
Hi Clairem87 & Shanny24

That first weigh in the build up to it and the buzz after it, it defenitely keeps you going for the next weigh in, its great. I lost 11lbs in the first week and my second weigh in is on Tuesday evening (bring it on).
Im glad to say I dont have a scales in the house anymore, just found when was being good was obsessed with the scales and the days where it did'nt move used to throw me off the wagon, so im better off not knowing and be kinda judging by the clothes that once used to fit.
I have to say I have tried all the diets out there but loving this, totally love the apple and cinnamon porridge and the tomato soup and love the potato and leek soup - would even have these even if was'nt being good.
I suppose the extra motivation for me is im 30 next month and going to glasgow for a few days for with the girls - so def want to be able to see a waistline there again and six week again have another event - so those timescales when broken up are more realistic to me and nice to have something at the end of it.
Good luck on your weight loss journey :) I'm absolutely sure you'll do amazing!
I'm in my third week now and now I'm not even hungry anymore. Sure, I want to eat things just for the sake of eating but I guess it's like very addiction, you have to get past that stage. Now whenever I get the craving I just go and work-out or do some artsy fartsy stuff ^^ Keep yourself busy is my tip.


cos i need this xxx
hey hey all!!! thanks muchly for replies :)
you all lovely and keeping me going!!



cos i need this xxx
hey hey! didnt get a chance to update last night so here goes -

1st day - 1%


bfast - butterscotch shake (bleurgh!!!)
lunch - strawberry tetra (yummy!)
dinner - hot mint choc shake (i rarely use letters to exclaim - but OMFG!!! SO YUMMY!)

today will be 100% again -

bfast - apple cinnamon porrige (worst thing ever!!)
lunch - either banana tetra (if im out) or tomato soup (if im in)
dinner - hot choc orange shake

am so excited about maybe getting into ketosis tomoro or day after!!!
sounds an odd thing to say but im full of the cold and think its helping me cos im never bothered about comfort eating and stuff when i have a cold cos u cant taste propery and its not nice! so hopefully by the time my cold is gone i'll be in ketosis and hopeful not hungry anyway.
i sound like a nutter saying its good im ill but you know how i mean it!! am fighting every urge to weigh myself - im getting rid of my scales but my friends gonna take them so theyre still here - have been good though cos i want a surprise (hopefully a good one!) on saturdays weigh in. i'll be on my break away so i gotta get the train back from prestwick to glasgow (about 40 mins) then glasgow to clydebank (about 25 mins) then back again - so i want something at the end of that lol!
realy hope my cold is away by weds so i can go to this holiday. cos its a house for families with cancer suffering children, it wouldnt be ok to go cos if i gave it to one of the kids they could end up in hospital with it :( feel bad enough risking giving my own boy it, but i have no choice but to be around him!!!
fingers crossed anyways!!
anyways, me, my boys, my visiting family, my 3 litres of water, my panadol extra and my benalyn 4 flu are off for a walk in a bit so at least ill get a bit o exercise. will maybe go to zumba tomoro but dunno cos im loaded with cold and might be knackered from this diet come tomoro!!

anyways, done rambling!
cya's later!!!

and hey hey tasha - so glad u not ditching me now im a CD'er!! :p

fantastic read claire lol well done for 100% days hun, im excited for you on WI day hun not long now. can i just say be careful with the benayln is it the powder 1 with sugar in??? thats a NNOOOO on the diet.

the porridge isnt nice hahaha im SSing from today feeling positive i can do it. xx


cos i need this xxx
nope! i figured those would be bad - its the tablets :) no sugar!
how long u been doing ss for??
i think im gonna love this diet much!!

hi im ment to be on 810/1000 plan but this week i have chose to SS for this week ONLY!!!! as im off work for the week. And just want to reach goal this weekend too.
Hun just double check read them ingredients again before you take them ok.xx


cos i need this xxx
have done chica! i dont wanna do ANYTHING that might sabotage my efforts!! am so so so desperate for a decent first loss!!! im 15 st now and really wanna be at least 7lbs done by saturday - hope thats realisic!!!


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