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Claire's Déjà vu diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Claire L, 23 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Claire L

    Claire L Well-Known Member

    Well, I've definitely been here before - and not just the once, but writing a diary of sorts does seem to help me keep focused, at least some of the time and as I need all the help I can get here I am.

    A bit about me then - I live in Vienna, Austria so have no access to groups, I do have an online membership -(generally used more for the syn calculator than anything else, I do think the online service is lacking a forum where you can chat with other members and get advice, but to be honest if it did I would probably still be on here instead). I've got 2 kids - well not really kids really, one 18 year old who will be back in the UK at university come September (fingers crossed that he doesn't mess up the exams!!) and a 13 year old. My OH is away on business travel a lot, I love cooking but sometimes I just run out of motivation or ideas and that is pretty much where I am just now.

    I fell off the wagon in spectacular stylee at Christmas and every week I seem to say, "this is the week to get back on it" ...then by Wednesday it's all belly up and I am writing off the week with another promise to start again the following Monday.

    Well, it's Wednesday and guess what .............this time though, I thought I would get back on minis and having read a few diaries I feel a little twitch of motivation, so...stop the roundabout - I'm getting off!!

    Am not having anything else tonight but will start with a clean slate tomorrow morning.

    Wish me luck:cross:
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  3. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Well-Known Member

    Good luck on your journey xx
  4. Claire L

    Claire L Well-Known Member

    Aw thanks Rae Rae
    Well day in the office went OK, I took sooo much food it was bordering on insane – all good stuff though loads of fruit 0syn yogurts and a humongous ham and egg salad for lunch, and just in case I took a corny bar (which is poor substitute for Alpen light – but as it’s all I can get here it has to do the trick) – it did actually look as though I had the contents of a buffet table in my bag, but I brushed off the strange looks from my colleagues in the kitchen – they can put it down to my being English and odd!! – I get away with allsorts using that one haha!!
    OH is home at the mo so he is in charge of dinner – I have left strict instructions and a recipe from a SW mag out on the kitchen counter – but he can be a bit random so I can only keep my fingers crossed that he even noticed it!
    Danger zone for me is any time after 7pm, I have a tendency to graze even when I have no real desire for food – it’s just a bad habit I have got into over the last few months but tonight I have a cunning plan……..I am making bean bag frogs for my kids school to sell at their spring fair– plan is that I will be so engrossed in this activity that I won’t think about food – what do you think – will it work??? Will report back and let you know
  5. Claire L

    Claire L Well-Known Member

    2 days in and I am moving...actually I already had a diary on here and cos I couldn't find it after my ..ahem..extended absence, started this one.

    But what would you know the old diary has been located so am just going to carry on where I left off there think it gives me the opportunity to look back to the time when it was going well to see if I can pick up some tips from my past self - LOL

    so toodles from here and hello from here


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