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Clare's Diary


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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post.

I decided to go on SW last week while visiting my parents. My Mom's been on it before and it worked and she's decided to lost some weight before her holiday. To be honest I'd never heard of Slimming World, well I had but I didn't know what it was all about. So she's lent me her old books so I could get some grasp of what Food Optimising is and since then it's been good going, apart from the very first few days as I went a bit mad at a free buffet for work, and didn't realise what syns everything would've been. Ooops.

So tonight I'm going to my first SW group meeting, I'm a bit scared as I don't know what to expect and I'm going on my own too. I just know that it'll be better for me as the prospect of getting weighed every week will spur me on to keep going.

I've just taken some photos of myself (with the help of a tripod and remote control for the camera) with clothes on and with just underwear on. I was horrified to see myself in just my under wear with everything hanging out, as I usually suck my belly right in. I look pregnant when I don't :eek:

I didn't weigh myself for the first time until Friday night (day 5) and was pleased to see I'm 7lbs less than I thought I was going to be. I also weighed myself last night (day 8) and not sure if my scales are dodgy but I'd lost 4lbs?! Not sure if this is possible in 3 days though. SO having a proper weigh in tonight will be better. I aim to lose around 3-3.5 stones.

I will post again after the meeting tonight, wish me luck!

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Is so very nearly there!
Good Luck and Welcome to the group here

Its a fab bunch and any help needed Im sure you will get from someone!
welcome clare, you'll enjoy class don't worry. Let us know how u get on.


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Hello Everyone,

I went to the class last night and really enjoyed it, am glad I have taken the plunge as everyone was really friendly there, especially the consultant :) I weighed the same on their scales as I do at home with nothing on (Don't worry I did wear clothes to the class) so that was good.
The one thing I am finding hard is bloating. I suffer from IBS and a lot of insoluble fibre really makes me bloated and uncomfortable. I am also lactose intollerant but am fine with the soya alternatives and won't miss cheese that much as I only ever had it occasionally, goats cheese that is.
I am just checking the IBS forums now to see if there are any soluble fibre cereals I can have as I'm sure it's the muesli I've been having in the mornings. When I have time I have porridge but I don't always fancy a hot breakfast either.
My other half is cooking tea tonight so I am having an Extra Easy day. It would be nice to have an extra easy day every day but I do like to have dried apricots as my HEB sometimes in the morning.
Well, I'll sign off here as I've already written all of this out once and then it got deleted, annoying!


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Day 11 in the Slimming World House...

Things are going good so far, apart from this bloating! I was ok yesterday but today was quite bad, this afternoon especially. I had to keep running to the loo at work!
I weighed myself again today and according to my scales I have lost half a stone since I first started already! I did notice my work trousers are starting to feel a bit looser.
My consultant has rang me today to check I was alright but I was upstairs so just heard the answerphone message. Thought that was sweet :)
I've not been using all my syns as I haven't felt like it but I will see how many I have at the end of the week and maybe have something nice.


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I had my first weigh in last night and lost 2.5lbs, yay!:D I am not going to use my own scales anymore though as I don't think they are very accurate. I've put my weight loss into the slimming world progress page and it reckons if I carry on like that I'll be into Club 10 by the end of July :) and at my target by 19th October! I'll not set my hopes too high though as I know I may not lose that amount every week. I hope I do though, fingers crossed!
I told my consultant about the bloating and she said to keep drinking as I'm probably not having enough to balance the fibre or something, I seem to be ok today but I am off work, always seems to happen when I'm at work after dinner.
I took my friend from work with me last night and she's joined too.


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Yay I got Slimmer of the week last night! I lost 3lbs and got below the 13st mark to 12st 13lb. I couldn't believe it as I thought I hadn't done as well this week, having been to my cousin's party and had some home made mutton curry, but I had about 25 syns left from the week so I thought that as I couldn't count them I'd just use them all on the curry.
I've also tried cottage cheese on Saturday night and Sunday and a mullerlight and didn't have a reaction so I've decided they are safe for me. I've bought some more mullerlights to freeze as ice cream. Talking of ice cream I've just had a mango Del Monte smoothie (5 syns) it was yummy, tastes like ice cream even though it's just fruit. The Banana and Strawberry ones are 4 syns but I've not seen them.

My work uniform is definitely getting too big for me, yay!


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Wow I've managed to get into my old size 16 jeans from Dorothy Perkins and a top that I've never been able to fit into properly today. Me and OH went shopping at Cheshire Oaks and I felt so slim walking round :) I also bought a size Medium top from Gap and it fit! I can't remember the last time I bought a Medium top that's meant for women :p I'm looking forward to being able to fit into my old clothes, it's a pity that I gave so many away when they got too small.
Feeling very positive today and in control of my weight. Brilliant!
Clare I've been sat here howling with laughter at your diary...especially the bit were you took your photos...only because I did mine last night and wanted to cringe when I saw them!
I have IBS as well and find things tough going on certain days. Doc has recommended some herbal tablets so off to try them tomorrow. Keep up the good work...you are doing great!
Wow first half stone down! I lost 1.5lbs this week. I went to the morning class today as I was off work. Loads more people there. I got talking to a lady that had been on target for 8 years! That's inspiration for you :)
Well done on losing half a stone Claire. Our consultant has lost 9 stone so far and is still losing, more inspiration for you! The fact she is in the same boat as us makes it feel easier to stick to.

Keep up the good work :D
Lou xx


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Hmm, only lost 1lb this week, my OH isn't helping by saying "well you did eat more this week" :mad: I've only been eating more free food, not syns! grrr.
Well I had a look back through what I ate on my first few weeks when I lost the most and decided I shouldn't be eating salmon every day at work.
Lo and behold I lost 2lbs this week (tues) and got joint slimmer of the week with another girl. She let me take all the fruit though because she hadn't brought any in this week :D

So 10lbs down so far, 36.5 to go according to my ticker, doesn't sound that many now :)
Hi Clare, I have been reading your diary and it is great...My name is also Clare spelt the same so that is what attracted me to your thread ( silly I know but so many people spell my name wrong!)
Anyway sounds like you are doing really well. I am on the Slimming World plan too and have so far lost 2 stone 2 lb although that has been a full year.
I wish I had taken photos like you did as I dont think there is much difference in me but others say they can see the difference...
Best of luck to you and keep it up ( or down if we are talking about weight hee hee:D)
Hello Everybody! I got Slimmer of the week AGAIN last night :D 2.5lbs down. So that's 12.5lbs altogether, really chuffed with that. My friends back home in Brum noticed the difference in my shape on the weekend and I was so pleased! I like looking down at my belly in a slouched position and it's not as rolly!

Thanks for reading Pollycrackers, I'll have a look to see if you've got a diary on here :)


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, well done on your slimmer of the week and your weightloss so far, keep up the good work and good luck with the rest of your sw journey xx
Aww thank you! Can't believe the week's gone again already though, it's WI in 2 days now! Not sure I've done everything right this week, I ran out of food diary sheets so I've been keeping it in a book but keep forgetting so I can't add up my syns. Haven't gone mad on the old syns today though like I usually do on a Sunday so it might be ok. Just had a slice of SW baked chocolate cheese cake. Not the best thing I've ever made really :S Tea was 2 quorn fillets cooked in a whole tin of plum tomatoes with sauce, some herbs and spices and tagliatelle. That was lovely! Oh and 2 Laughing Cow Triangles melted into the sauce after. mmmm!
I STS this week :( But as I keep telling myself, it wasn't a gain. I told my consultant that I'd been doing a few Green days too so I could have more healthy Extras and she asked if I'd been drinking enough, which when I thought about it, I probably hadn't. So that's my main focus this week, to keep drinking!

I'm off work today, so having a lazy(ish still got to do housework) day, I had my breakfast about an hour ago and it was a sweet omelette piled with blueberries, red and green grapes and smothered in a shape fuller for longer blueberry yoghurt. Delicious! and because I've not used my EE healthy Extras yet I'm going to have a light baby bel and Nimble grilled (on the George Formby grill) cheese sandwich for lunch, can't wait!

Right, I haven't had a bout of IBS since I started SW 2 months ago, my usual triggers would be high fat or dairy products. Well I have managed to be eating mullerlights, cottage cheese, baby bels and Laughing Cow cheeses to no ill effect and have occaisionally used my syns on a high fat treat eg a duck leg in plum sauce.
Soooo, when my OH suggested we have a chicken Korma and boiled rice made from a jar today (21% cream I think it had) for tea I looked up the syns and decided, yes, I was going to try it.
I've just finished said Korma, it's just a waiting game now to see if I'll be ill. Tummy feels a bit grumbly but may be because not eaten since midday.
Watch this space!

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