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Clare's Story

Hi everyone, I just started taking Xenical yesterday so I was thrilled to find this forum as I’ve already learnt so much from reading some of the other threads.

I realise it’s not a miracle drug, I like to think of Xenical as a tool to help me not to eat too much fat…. The thought of some of the side effect scares the hell out of me! :)

My starting weight is 15 st 7lbs and I have set my first target to 11 st 7lbs as that was my weight 4 years ago before I became pregnant.

I’d like to share my progress along the way and would love to hear from other users.

More from me soon….
Clare x
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Hi Clare!

I started dieting in Jan at about 15stone 7, lost 22lbs myself by eating half the amount i used to, only having a few wines at the weekend and walking fastish for an hour 3 times a week.

I got stuck and decided, on the docs recomendation, to try Xenical. So far so good, dont think i've lost major weight on my first week but didnt expect to as I have not made many changes to my diet and I was following low fat before. I am pleased that the temptation is not there as I dare not :O

No bad side effects for me, again i have stuck to the low fat diet so i know i'm safe...

Tip to me was - make sure there are things handy to pick at cos I am not an orgainsed person, and have always eaten the same as everyone else for tea (only smaller size) but now i need to eat something else perhaps so the cupboards need to be Julie friendly.

Welcome anyway, i look forward to sharing expereinces with you!

Julie x
Hi Julie!
Thanks for the welcome :)
Any tips and advice are very much appreciated as today I've found myself worrying about what I can eat. lol
I'm trying to stick to meals containing 5% fat or less.

Hey! I just noticed your weight loss so far! You must be feeling great!
Thanks again and I look forward to getting to know you. :)

Thanks Clare xx
Couple of tips I would give you is always read the label, and keep a food diary. Record in your food diary what you ate and how many grams of fat, that way its all written down and you're not trying to keep track of it all in your head :)
Welcome to the forum Clare and good luck!!!

My start weight was 15.7 and I am hoping to lose 4-5 stone :)

LiSe x
Hi LiSe! I noticed you have now lost over 10%.. well done! I can't wait to get there but it's very early days for me.

Today is going to be my first big test as my Mum cooks a HUGE meal every Sunday but I'm determined not to cave in. I have to admit it's going to be pretty hard going over there and watching my Tony ( partner) and Anthony (son) eat Yorkshire puds!
Oh well... Nothing tastes better than success. right?

I will be back later to report how it went.

Have a great day everyone!
Clare -x-
Welcome Claire, I had great loss my 1st week as started eating better at same time as stating xenical.
All ther best and look forward to hearing more of your journey.:welcome2:
welcome and goodluck!!
First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone for the lovely welcome messages it's really nice to read all the help and support which is shared here.
I'm still at the running around screaming " OMG what can I eat" stage so it's going to be a little while before I can start dishing out advice to anyone but I hope to be able to give lots of support and hopefully get to know people.

Well..... I got through Sunday at Mums without touching one of her famous Yorkshire puddings! *Takes a bow*

My new moto is " Nothing tastes as good as success" :D

I'm going to do a few miles on my brand spanking new exercise bike so I will crawl back to the pc later!

Well done fore resisting, so hard when it is there in front of you. I found intitally was better for me too eat at home so we all had same, though partner had more.
I am better when out now and love my sunday dinner, I have dry roast potato and parsnip and scoop mash with no marg/butter or milk so keeps the fat down. If you have loads of veg then your plate can look as full as anyone elses so you dont fell you're missing out.....works for me ;)

Enjoy the bike!!


Full Member
Hiya welcome and well done on resisting the yorkshire puds!! xx
Well done on resisting the yorkies!!

I don`t think I would have been able to lol x
Happy Monday!
I'm really pleased with myself at the moment because I managed to get through the weekend without raiding the fridge!

I'm fighting the urge to weigh myself today. I have to go back to see the nurse in just over a week and I would really like to wait until then to find out how much I've lost but I'm not sure I will be able to fight it for much longer.
How often do you guys get weighed?
I got weighed 4 weekly ( well once a month at GP for my prescription, and once a month for my weight management class)
Now that I'm at Rosemary Conley I'm weighed once a week.
I really don't recommend weighing your self every day, as we have daily fluctuations ( because of fluid). Once a week, same time of day is more than enough
ps don't forget differnet scales will not weigh the same ....my docs scales weigh me 9lbs lighter than the ones at the hospital:rolleyes:
Thanks Ali :)

I'm going to try to wait until I see the nurse , I really don't want to start jumping on the scales everyday because as you said we have daily fluctuations.

Hi Clare,

I am weighed weekly at my weight watchers meeting and at the GP's when i get each presciption.

I however have alo had fluctuations in line with my menstrual cycle, that I had never really noticed before.

I put on 3Ib last period despite sticking to the diet!!! Ali kindly confirmed that the gain was due to my period and some people can fluctuate by up to 7Ib :eek: .... so please bear that in mind too if you're going to weigh weekly. Even ladies that are post menopause will still get a change in their bodies.

Was strange as never really noticed before, even could tell that I had water retnetion LOL.;)
yeah my monthly was last week and i gained 5lbs .. was horrified but happy to see it disapear just as soon as the monthly time had gone.. x

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