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Class Raffle


is on the road to Slimdon
I won the raffle at my class last week. As such I have to provide the items for this weeks raffle.

Has anyone got any ideas for something different. I can buy items up to the value of £4.

My thoughts so far have been;

Hartleys 10 Cal jellys (0.5 syn each)
Mikados (0.5 per stick)
Kelloggs fibre plus bars (HEB)

Any help welcome!!


Amy xx
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Why not print off an SW recipe and buy the ingredients for it? That could be the raffle prize.

My consultant gets all our prizes though!

Mrs V

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I agree with Jaylou a recipe print out is always a good one. This week our Consultant brought in a cool bag, ice packs and a bottle of diet coke for a picnic idea.

Wee Doll

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we dont do this at our slimming world :(

do yous do everyone brings in a piece of fruit and the slimmer of the week gets it ?


is on the road to Slimdon
Yes we all bring in fruit for SOW too. This is extra.

Last week I won some pasta, 2 packs of Pink and Whites (never had these before and am totally addicted now!), some options, ASDA cereal bars and breadsticks.

Its quite good to get ideas of what other people eat. Although there has been a few times where the person buying the raffle has bought things high in syns by mistake - but we always go through the syns in the items before we raffle it off!

Wee Doll

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sorry i know this off topic but i didnt want to start a new topic can someone tell me how i add a photo gallery ??

thanks very much xx


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our C gets the raffle stuff and its usually around the password for the week - so if for example the password chocolate - then she would have brought in some options, or choccie snackajacks etc

Sounds like each class is different! x


Lover of Extra Easy
Our C always gets the raffle prize.
It's normally geared around the password for the week but if it's not appropriate she gets something nice anyway.
I won two weeks in a row, nothing before or since but it was great.
Sadly I never won when it was a great prize like a wok or a slow cooker but it's still great winning.
I would hate to have to buy though!


is on the road to Slimdon
Wow a slow cooker - thats a bit of a good prize!

I guess it is quite difficult to buy the prizes thats probably why we get an odd selection of things each week!
my old group we did something like this, but the raffle money that was brought in was used to buy the following weeks prizes, and the surplus would keep adding up, so at christmas there would be some wine as pries and stuff like that, i used to buy cupboard essentials that everybody would use or fruit, also depended what was on special at that time!

Wee Doll

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im gonna mention doing this to my consultant cause we dont do it and our group is huge it would be good


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Our consultant always gets our prizes, usually a recipe with the ingredients, however, this week the prizes were a "girly" gardening kit (it was v pink!, trowel, kneel pad, gloves etc), a voucher for a local butcher and a tension band thing for working on your different muscle groups. In the past we have had things that are themed around current "things" chinese food at chinese new year, chocolate puddings with heart shaped ramekins for Valentine's Day and one week there was a full japanese sushi making kit with all ingredients to make the basics.

I have been very impressed with the raffle and by the sounds of it, we are very lucky with our prizes.
Our consultant gets our prize too. It can be anything from a voucher for £10 to spend at a local fruit & veg shop, SW recipe book or a bucket full of cleaning products (to get us shifting & doing body magic!)

TBH - I wouldn't have thought having to buy the prize yourself would get as many people buying tickets?? I think that getting everyone to remeber SOTW bag things in our group is sometime hard enough, lol

Anyway - back to your original question, urm.......... I like the cool bag ice blocks idea, think that would be a real winner :D
Ours is rubbish, we used to each bring something in for the raffle which was fab, but now our C has stopped us doing that and now just throws a couple of things on the table at the end of class. It is a pack of scan bran and a pack of hifi bars, thats it! Oh sometimes when the new mag is out she will do that as well. And then she moans when the raffle takings have gone right down:(

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