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Cleaning a fan oven?!


Finally...Life begins
Anyone know how you clean a fan oven? We have one that is supposed to be self cleaning, but anyone know how? Its a zanussi, but lost the manual!

Off to search the web but if anyone knows, id be grateful! I know you are supposed to turn it up high, but no idea if the other knob should be on a different setting?
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Finally...Life begins
Dont worry I have found the manual online! should have checked before posting tut tut! lol
I was just going to ask the same because I have asthma and Mr Muscle affects me, last time I had to resort to getting my lovely fiance to help!! :eek:

On second thoughts -perhaps I'll stick to this method LOL :D ;) :D

LOL - I can't quite believe it but yep - he's mine :)
I had to take a photo I was in stiches that he wore gloves and a mask to tackle it!!

I'll have to hire him out :D

Kitty xxx
oooo I think I have started something here. How is he with an iron ? we must rename this post to "man for hire". Bless him at least he helps out, its a miracle if mine does the dishes.


Finally...Life begins
LMAO Great responses! Well apparently you put 12mm of boiling hot water in a tray on the last runner of your oven with some washing up liquid, turn the temp to 50, and switch fan on. Leave it 10-15 mins, then turn heat off, but leave fan on. this cools the oven ready for you to wipe away the excess dirt that has softened up. We had to use a scraper. So either our oven was just really dirty or that method is pants. Probably the dirty oven lol. I expect if you done it every time you used the oven it would work well.. but does anyone ever do that!!

If I had read this earlier I would have got my hubby's photo taken too lol.


Gold Member
Well Ajax, I was going to tell you off for bringing such an unmentional topic onto the Minimins forum - after all are you trying to make me feel guilty for having the filthiest oven in the South?
But, you have redeemed yourself with that brilliant photo and I shall therefore let you off. However, I do feel that for those of us who do not have such a - ahem- capable oven cleaner - you could at least play down his other skills. I mean, hoovering as well. You jammy young thing you. My OH is a firm believer in such tasks being done by the girls - he does do a marvellous evening meal though. Courtesy of whichever take away we all fancy!!!!!!

Lots of love Barb xxxx

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