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Clearing out clothes that are just tooooo big now ...


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I have loads that no longer fit and some were only worn once & some not at all! I have booked 3 days off work as I am planning on eBaying mine so I can treat myself to something else
eBay for the really good stuff. Charity shop for the fairly good stuff. And check out your local recycling centre - some have places where you can leave clothes which are really past their best but can be recycled by charities.


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Made me laugh too! LOL!! What a lovely feeling to be getting rid of the old and making way for the new slimline you!!! It's a very positive thing to do actually!! When I did WW years ago, I used to keep hold of my old clothes 'just in case' and now I realise what a negative thing that was to do, almost assuming I'd put the weight back on!! (Which I did!!) Says something about my mindset at the time! This time I feel completely different and have this positivity in me all the time that I KNOW I'm going to do it and keep it off because I'm enjoying my new way of eating so much!!X
I had two jumpers which I was going to get rid of - then the cold weather struck and I kept them to wear on top of other layers. They are enormous!!! But it gives me a good feeling to be wearing something which used to be tight and now has so much room in it. Daft, really.

What I do have to get rid of are all my work clothes - now I have retired and lost weight, they are no use to me at all. How many black jackets does a lady of leisure need!!!


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I have given my first lot of big clothes to a charity shop. Now, I am going to give my last lot but I am going to keep what were my fav trousers. They were so tight I had to breathe in to do up the zip. Now, they are falling off... I just want to keep them as a reminder that I don't want to fit in them again!!
I am planning on keeping one outfit from my biggest size to remind of what I used to be - I have gone from an 18 to a 8 - 10 now, some stuff is going to charity but the really good stuff & the stuff I have never worn is going on eBay, the money will come in handy right now & I fancy a new haircut to suit my new body!

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