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Climbing the wall again


Shut up Ethel
GAH this is hard - am right back to where I was in week 1, hungry, food-obsessed, can't concentrate, fed up, even teary.

Bloody ketosis, why does it have to be so damn difficult to attain!? (I know the answer to that one. I'm just whinging)

I guess this is day 3 (again) so hopefully by Thurs/Fri the worst will be over.

Let me be a warning to you....DON'T jump off the wall!
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Cambridge Diet Councellor
Your doing great Liz, just stay focused it will as you know get easier!
Try and distract yourself from thoughts of food by looking online for new outfits you can buy when you are at target and feeling fabulous, this is what I do and it always inspires me.
Just keep in mind how great you will feel at WI when you have stuck 100% to it, and lost loads!
Good luck
Good luck
C'mon Liz, you've done once before you can do again, it'll soon be over and you'll be cruising this time next week, keep going. Good luck!
I know how you're feeling! I had a couple of meals this weekend and I'm paying for it now! I'm in a foul mood and have a splitting headache. This weather doesn't help! I've just given OH an earful about not helping with the housework (he deserved it) and have been stomping about tidying up around him :sigh:.

I'm really hoping tomorrow will be better as I was yawning my way through a workshop today and didn't look particularly professional in front of the customers :rolleyes::mad:


Shut up Ethel
Well, I've valiantly struggled through today, and survived, but I'm NEVER doing that again! Its just so not worth it....!

hang on in there herewego, you KNOW it gets better x

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