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Clothes - or lack of them


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Hi guys

I'm getting increasingly - well, annoyed is probably the wrong word, but "hmmm"-ed isn't grammatical - anyway, my work clothes, and skirts in particular, simply don't fit anymore.

I'm almost two stone down from my start weight, with another three and a half to go, ideally. And I know I can't wear these clothes for ever, but I am really loath to spend any cash on clothes to wear for three months!

Any suggestions? I started as a 20/22 so probably an 18now (I hope!)
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Get urself to Primark or Peacocks! They have really cheap work stuff which is fab for temporary stuff, also get yourself some stretchy stuff thats what I have done :D
Well done on losing the weight!


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Hi Vorlina,

Well done on the weight loss:)

It is a great complaint to have on one hand but does pose a dilemma on the other.

As Pixie has said your better off shopping for cheaper clothes as you will not get that much wear out of them or having a look on ebay or charity shops to get you buy.

You can also sell your old clothes on ebay to help with paying for your new clothes.

I have kept a car coat and I try it on now and then to remind myself of how well I am doing on those days I feel like I am getting nowhere.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Vorlina

I am having the same problem, luckily though I alrrady have a stash of too small clothes from my origingal skinnyminny days, although I am not sure if they are still wearable!

I am wearing a pair of trousers today which look totally ridiculous as they are far too big, but does make me feel good ;) . I do not want to spend money on clothes that I will only wear for at most another 2 months so I may try ebay for a few work things.



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Well done on your weight loss ......:D

Get yourself off to a Asda or Tesco to their 'value' range..... smart black trousers..... a fiver, cotton fitted work type shirts £2.50 - £5.00, skirts around the same price, long sleeved jumpers/tshirt types £3 - £5 too!!...... also Primark and Matalan too..... I call them 'disposable' clothes - cos even if you only wear them a half dozen times they've paid for themselves in my book..... I wore a great outfit to work a while ago..... trousers - Asda (sale) £5....... plain crisp white shirt 3/4 sleeves. - Asda (full price) £2.50 and a really lovely Aqua sleevless jumper (worn as a tank top)..... £4.00.... so a whole outfit for just over a tenner - and all mix and match tooo....

Happy shopping..... and save the expensive stuff till your at target.....:D


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Wow! :clap:

This is a great compliant to have, I too have the same problem. For over a year I could not fit in a pair of jeans. Finally I decided to wear it to get some wear out of it, but alas, its too big. I was miffed. If I don't wear a particular skirt or top for two weeks my sister gets it.

But like Mich I too shop at Asda and Tescos for cheap clothes. This helps to save the pennies until I am at my goal weight, and its great to look and feel good when you buy those lower sized clothes.

Happy shopping.


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I work for a building society so we have to wear a uniform. My skirt is now loosening up nicely but it won't be long until I'll need a new set. I can't just go and get cheap stuff. The Society will pay towards the cost but I'm not looking forward to having to buy more than one set in different sizes. I'd rather save my money for something I actually want to wear.



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I have only lost 7lb, doing LL for 4 days, but already my fave pair jeans (which are really comfy as they are the only pair that werent too tight) now keep falling down. I can pull them away from me at the waist and theres a good 2-3 inch gap! Have to wear a belt but even still they keep falling down. They also look too big now in the leg. My OH says I look like I've bought oversized maternity jeans (hence the extra space in the waist area!

I think the weight must have come off around my bum and thighs as its the only place I've noticed a change in clothing fit there! But its still such early days, theres no way im buying new clothes- still have some slim clothes from my teens and some of them are still wearable!! Not sure I want to try my size 16 jeans on yet just in case- i dont want to demotivate myself. Give it a stone I think and then I'll have a go!



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Same problem here as well - but get yourself on ebay I bought pair of M&S black cords the other day for £7.00 including the postage ?

Also I bought two jumpers in Next today - a 12 and a 14 to get me through work 2 for £20 which is very reasonable. Tesco Asda Sainsbury primark and matalan are all GREAT Value.


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I know the feeling my OH gave me money to buy new clothes he sed my clothes are hanging off me but im waiting. I have all sizes in my wardrobe that i've hung onto just in case and just in case is definately on its way;)


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I thought it was the norm but maybe not.. you see our LL venue has a room chocked with clothes of varying sizes that we can take & contribute to at no cost.. it's BRILLIANT!!! Why not suggest it at your next LL meeting or do a clothes swap there?


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Hi Chrismars

Can you take your skirts to the dry cleaners or other such places to get them taken in?

Not sure how this will work with jackets though.


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I have moved from a size 24 to 12 so understand the frustration.

It is nothing to the feeling of joy at fitting size 12 though!

Nowadays, there are loads of low-priced shops around (they've all been mentioned), where you can get cheap clothes that fit. And believe me, it is a lovely feeling to wear clothes that fit well and show off your slimmer shape.

Skinnyjan's idea of a 'swap shop' at her LL venue is fantastic! At our group, we did that sort of thing, but on a casual basis. One member might bring in some clothes which might be a suitable size for one of the larger women.

It can be difficult if your work clothes are formal, office type, but if you can pick up wrap-around skirts/tops/dresses, they are easier to adjust to fit for when you lose more weight.


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Thanks everyone! There's a big Tesco in Watford so I will try and get myself there next weekend - in the mean time I will scavenge through my "secondary" wardrobe and see if any of my old stuff fits yet!