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Clothes Sizes...

Why can't they be consistent???

I went out and bought a few things last night out of necessity, as my 3XL stuff is just hanging off me.

So I came home with three 2XL T-shirts, a Timberland 2XL zip up hoody and a XL pair of slouchy shorts.

The shorts fit great. The hoody fits great. But buying T-shirts was a nightmare, the sizes were all over the place. You'd pick some up which were clearly nowhere near 2XL just by looking at them. Some were obviously a bit bigger but were too tight on. Some fit perfectly but didn't suit me lol.

Of the three I bought one fits lovely now and the other two are *slightly* too tight. I'm hoping that when I go away in a couple of weeks I'll have lost that little bit and they'll fit.

Grr... Still can't properly shop :(
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Sizes are a nightmare I tell thee LJ. The difference between a size 22 in one shop and and another can be the difference between me even getting it on or not - not just a bit tight or just a bit big. It makes no sense to me!


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it's beacuse shops lie!
well actually it isn't, well I don't think so ... I think it's a marketing ploy, you buy a size L in one shop, it fits so you go to another and buy a size L there - it doesn't fit, and who can be bothered to take it back? or you are normally an L, but in this particular shop you can fit in a M so you go there more often

Boo... Bloody marketing ploys :(

It's not like they were skinny makes like Calvin Klein either, just stuff like Quicksilver, Zoo York, and I even bought a Fila top lol. It's a shame because I did find stuff which fit me perfectly as I am now, but either I didn't like the design or they were some mental colour which I don't suit. Which is probably why they were still on the rack lol
Depends on whatever factory makes them - i used to work in fashion and it varies a lot because not everyone uses the same standard of measurement. It can be quite polarised towards the bottom or top of a size scale - it just varies.

Part of it is psychological too i think.


please try again
see in evans i can range across 3 different sizes because they dont seem to have one standard for the size
In all likelihood evans use various manufacturers and factories, as do most high street stores, so that will mean a variation in sizing.

In one instance I was a 36w for one pair of shorts and 40w for another in the same store - there is no continuity.


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Good thing about losing weight - not having to shop in Evans!! I should have put that as one of my goals!!

I cannot wait until I don't have to shop there any more. Polyester is not nice, whatever size it is.


please try again
Good thing about losing weight - not having to shop in Evans!! I should have put that as one of my goals!!

oh i cant wait to have more shops to choose from

new look have some nice stuff but thier range is rather limited and only go up to a 26

i want to be able to walk into the next clearance shop near me knowing that they will have lots of nice things that will fit me
Being able to go into "normal" shops to buy clothes is a massive incentive. They are much, much cheaper.

Evans charge a huge amount for their clothes because they know they have a captive market. Plus I think they size their clothes a tiny bit bigger so we feel better about ourselves when we buy a size smaller than we imagine we are.

Don't you think that however much you lose, you still feel bigger than you are?
I'm looking forward to getting cheapo ones from M&S :D
I got some tops from Tesco of all places - me, Tesco - I was over the moon. I was picking them up and giggling to myself at the new size. Giggling that I could now walk down the clothes isle without thinking someone was watching me and saying "what does she think is going to fit her in here".

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