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Clothes sizing grr

Ok I hate being a woman, my hubby can go into any shop pick up his size and it fits. I on the other hand am a 16 in some shops an 18 in most shops and a 20 in 1 particular shop. This really frustrates me, I hate hate hate shopping for clothes grr.

I have to get a dress for christmas parties and it's driving me mad grrrrrrr!

Emma xXx
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Dont worry about the sizing, honestly they all differ so much and infact one shop can have a size 14 jeans that fit me but the 14 skirt doesnt!! Its quite chocking really. I complained once because I couldn't get size 16 shorts on in Black but the 14 in white fitted me, the lady in the shops said oh sometimes black is smaller!!!

Just find a dress you like and is flattering so that you feel amazing, nobody will know what size it is!
don't talk to me about dress sizes! - i thought that nearly having lost 2 stone i would have gone down at least a dress size - but oh no I have haven't. I still don't like clothes shopping because things still don't fit me. Currently a loose 16 on the bottom and a 14 on the top, but like emzski says clothes sizes differ from shop to shop and i agree no-one will know what size your dress is - if you wanted you could say it was any size you wanted!!
hey hey, not all us blokes have it that easy either!
Burtons is terrible for their off-the-rack casual shirts, I bought 2 of the exact same shirt (all they had that were the right size), one fitted me and one didnt! Now how the tell can that happen!??!

Luckily the one that didnt fit now does, and the one that did is a bit too big hehe!

Jeans are bad too, even ones from catalogues which you expects to be "standardised", but noooo, order 3 pairs of them and you get 3 different fitting pairs of jeans, even though they are made by the same company and in the same style! grrrrrrr.

/rant :p
I must admit my husband went into m&s the other day and got 2 jumpers in SMALL now he is nowhere near a small lol he's a decent sized medium and I just think it's ridiculous that some places seem to be making their smaller sizes bigger so people can feel better about themselves!
And obviously some places it's the other way round, it's totally confusing. I looked up my measurements and what my standard size should be based on that and I'm nowhere near it's ridiculous.
I give up on the sizing theme for myself as I haven't got a clue what size I really am???
Sometimes i'm a 28 then I have 24s and 26s in the wardrobe that fit perfectly well...............so it's anybodys guess!!!
I'm the same my wardrobe ranges from a 16 to a 20, it's really frustrating but my one positive is that I threw out my 22's which felt good, also thrown out some 20's and 18's lol so I'm still no closer to figuring out my real size.


Fighting Demons....
One of my size 10 friends once had to buy a 16 top in Asda! That amused me sooo much! She was obviously not best pleased :p

New Look is the one that gets me. About 2 years ago, I bought a pair of jeans in there in a hurry, didn't try them on. They were a size 24. But got them home and couldn't get them on! Anyway, I am now in a small 22 (almost 20) on the bottom and they fit now! And don't get me started on the shoes, I have some 5, some 6, some 7 and some 8 all from the same damn shop! Sometimes I think they mix up the labels for fun!

B x
There’s a point, at least blokes shoes tend to be the same size wherever you go, or at least, not have such a difference that you notice. From what I’ve found, a 13 is a 13, in a trainer, boot, work shoe, football boot, or whatever else I’ve had to get at some stage.
So I don’t envy you girls on that one, but I DO know the pain of not being able to find shoes in the right size, walk into any shoe shop and ask for something in a 13 and they think you’re just taking the pi$$. That’s why all my shoes come from one website now! lol

MandyLupton said:
your right there Pete, my hubby takes a 36 inch waist in jeans but in burtons has to get a 42 inch for formal trousers?????
yup, I can imagine that one, many a time I've gone to get suits or formal trousers and had to get so so many inches bigger than any other jeans/combats/shorts/cargo trousers I have been wearing a the time, I think it's something to do with how they are cut/shaped, but it's still a nightmare to have to buy 46" trousers when you're standing there in 42s!

Still, no more!
I'll be treating myself to a nice new suit set once I hit target, hopefully around the 36-38 mark :D


Fighting Demons....
Ain't it nice to know that the lads get just as excited about clothes as the girlies do!!

You never know Pete, my shoe size has gone down you might get in a 12 before you hit target!!!

B x
Well if I do I'll be shoe shopping like crazy! lol
yeah, im not exactly a typical guy when it comes to going shopping, mainly because I don't find it dull, but as a result I always seem to get dragged along to "help" someone buy a new skirt/dress/scarf/shoes/insert-item-of-clothing-here :p

not that I mind, and I usually end up treating myself too heheheh..... I treat myself waaaay too much, and my wallet does NOT thank me for it :rolleyes: :p :eek:

but yeah, I'm making up a list of all the things I'm going to get once I've lost enough....suits, jeans, combats, shirts, tshirts, shoes, jumpers......... it's going to be a real spree! :D
I wore my killer heels yesterday and found they kept slipping off. Now either it because of the cold or because I've gone down a shoe size as a result of my weight loss. An excuse to go shoe shopping. Damn!!

I'm exactly the same about dress sizes. Some shops I'm a 12, others I'm a 10. Some I'm a 14. I must say, I tend to go to the one where I'm a 10 more so their marketing ploy is working on me!

Ultimately it really doesn't matter what size clothes you're wearing. It's how you feel in them that's most important. I feel best in my size 14 skinny jeans to be honest.

I've bought everything on my list of things for my new wardrobe but seem to be finding 'essential' things to add to it.

After 10 years of shopping in two shops I think allowed to go wild aren't I? (please all agree so I don't feel guilty about buying myself clothes instead of Christmas presents for anyone!) xx
After 10 years of shopping in two shops I think allowed to go wild aren't I?
of course you are! go wild, crazy, insane if you want to! :D
after losing so much weight, clothes shopping must seem like a whole new adventure to you! So go for it, and sod everyone else's Xmas presents!! :D
Thank you for your blessing Pete- I shall endeavour to be as wild as possible!

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