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Clover's Green Day SW Diary :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Clover89, 22 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Hi guys!

    I joined class last night and weighed in a whopping 15st 12lbs (5lb heavier than home scales?!)

    I did SW a few years ago so know how the plan works but not up to date with all the latest tips and tricks so any advice will be welcomed!

    I have been a vegetarian for 1.5years, I do eat dairy though, so itl be green days for me. I'm 22, a student nurse and live with my partner in London :)

    Today was day 1

    Chopped strawberries and cherries with a cup of tea.

    Jacket potato with cheese (2x HEa), beans and side salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and yellow pepper
    Coffee (with semi SK milk at 8syns)

    2x boiled eggs, wholemeal bread (HEb x2),
    Butter (3)

    Vimto ice lolly (2)

    Water intake so far: 2200ml excluding tea, coffee + diet coke.

    Total syns: 13

    Hope anyone reading has had a good day! I'm off for a lovely walk in the sunshine while its lasts, get my body magic in!

    Last edited: 25 July 2014
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  3. gwennypenny

    gwennypenny Full Member

    Ooo Vimto ice lollies are only 2 syns?? I might have to get some of those!
  4. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Yep! According to my syn calculator on the SW website.. Its the long skinny ones. Just enough to quench the thirst! Mini twisters are only 2.5 aswell:)
  5. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Hi, here to subscriiiibe :D

    This is my 2nd week of SW :)

    Your foods looking good!
  6. Emmy_lu

    Emmy_lu Silver Member


    Good so far, well done keep it up :)
  7. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Hiiiii. Welcome :D
    Thank you! Feels good to be eating properly again! X
  8. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Updated at 22.30

    Day 2, so far today;

    Overnight oats (35g HEbx1)
    Natural yogurt
    Mixed berries
    Green tea

    Syn free quiche (pasta+sauce, cottage cheese, 3eggs with mushrooms, onion and tomato's)
    Side salad of lettuce, carrot, cucumber, baby tomato, red cabbage, spring onion and 1x quorn savoury egg (2.5syns) salad cream (2)

    Tea: jacket potato, cheese (HEa), beans, lettuce, cucumber, watercress and tomato. Coffee, 1 choc bourbon (3.5)

    Snacks: 2 HiFi light bars (HEbx1), curly surly (6)

    Water intake so far: 1.6litre +3tea and 1 coffee and Skimmed Milk (HEax1) in coffee and tea

    Total syns: 14
    Last edited: 23 July 2014
  9. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    What did you think of the overnight oats?
  10. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi Clover

    Here to subscribe, always on the lookout for green day inspiration :)
    Quick tip if you don't have syn values/calculator to hand (which you probably already know), if there's no free or super free its usually 1syn per 20cals- saved me in supermarket before and I have learned those triangley shaped "jubbly" ice lollies are 1syn! So refreshing in this heat too :)
    Good luck with SW! X
  11. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Iv updated the diary input above. Not a bad day :)

    I liked it! It was really filling and I had 2 3rds for breakfast and the other bit after lunch. It was a nice change, iv prepared it for tomorrow too. Do you like it? X

    Yes thank you, I knew it but its a great tip and thanks for sharing! And good to know about the jubblys! Is that including the cola ones:D
    Do u have a diary? I too, always look for green inspiration! How long have u been doing SW?x
  12. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Ah good stuff! I didn't know about it until a few wks in to sw- when someone told me it helped immensely!
    I've been doing sw since around march, started at 12st2lb and had made it down to 10st11 but had a very naughty weekend and it seems I can't get away with it- scales showed a 5.5 gain! Yikes I'm being good now lol.
    I do have a diary- think its in my signature but I'm not tech-savvy!
    I sometimes do EE if we have nice farm shop meat in but mostly green :) xx
  13. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Im not sure what to make of it to be honest but then again I'm not sure if I've done it right! Don't think I like the natural yogurt lol.
  14. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Yeah its very handy if u want a rough guess to see if its worth worth it! Wow well done at getting into the 10's, that's my aim but I've got 5st to go eeep.
    Ah what's ur diary called, cant see a signature on the app here xx

    How do u make it? I literally just put 35g oats and 200g of yogurt for the right consistency (u could use any free or low syn yogurt though if u don't like natural) mix it all up and put frozen berries over the top which defrost overnight and flavour the porridge with the juices mmm
    Last edited: 24 July 2014
  15. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    I was ridiculously happy to be back in the 10s! Just need to get back down there lol.
    It's just called RosiePops Green/EE diary! X
  16. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Day 3 all done and dusted.

    Breakfast: overnight oats (HEb), natural yogurt and mixed berries. Cup of tea

    Lunch: homemade butternut sq, sweet potato and ginger soup (2syns for oil) with brown bread (HEb) and butter (2). Coffee for after (HEa for milk in drinks)

    Snack: ice lolly (3), strawberries, tea

    Tea: Linda McCartney sausage (1), stir fry noodles (1.5) courgette, onion, asparagus, mushroom, broccoli. Cup of tea + HiFi light (3)

    Water: 2l + tea\coffee
    Syns so far: 12.5
    Last edited: 24 July 2014
  17. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    My syn free quiche ready for tomorrow :)

    Attached Files:

  18. Emmy_lu

    Emmy_lu Silver Member

    Looks nice!
  19. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Clover did you know that there are Linda McCartney Rosemary & red onions sausages that are free?

    How do I subscribe to this? Thanks
  20. Hi!

    Here to subscribe! Your quiche looks delicious!! I'm starting back officially tomorrow so I've been scouring the threads for ideas for meals (If I don't plan I will fail!)

    Nice to get a diary in the early stages so I can make some forum friends!! :)

    Thanks - Good Luck!!
  21. Emmy_lu

    Emmy_lu Silver Member

    Hi Hun your diary looks brill, I thought stir fry noodles were free as long as you use the 1 cal spray? Have I got that wrong as I've not been counting as syns x

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