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Coal Grill and Bar

Has anyone been to one of these? Im planning on going there tonite. Here is the menu...hopefully it works!!
http://www.coalgrillandbar.co.uk/admin/uploaded/Coal menu Exeter.pdf

I was thinking i might have the firesticks...havent decided out of beef chicken or prawn yet, and just request no dipping sauces or potatoes but ask if its possoble to swap these for a salad...What do you think?

(Also if anyone is planning on going there, join the club on their website and you get a £10 voucher :) )

Thank you :)
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Mmm i LOVE this place..

i always have the chicken fire sticks, with the rice obvs.. i think the only syns counted really would be oil used in the skillet of veg in tom sauce that comes which is YUM and full of superfree, and the rice which iv had mixes of boiled, or this bizare but yum tasting rice, each time i go they never give me the same rice, god knows why. . the sauce obvs, but i only really like bbq one, so over all, i think its the best option..

just dont look at anyones burgers, cos they always look amazing..

but iv always lost when iv been and had this, ... mmmm now i really want to go!
Thanks fern :) You have really made me want to go now!! I was going to allow syns for the oil, but other than that i think it sounds like a pretty good choice :) I wont worry about the burgers...im not that bigger fan...just have to see what the bf picks...prob the most fattening thing on the menu followed by a gorgeous sounding dessert :) x
Oh - so gutted there isn't one of these near me.

My local pub does do meals 'On the Roc' though, so I can't complain.
Ooh - grilled coal. Yum!!

Seriously, that menu looks very interesting. I had never heard of this place before (but then I never eat out, apart from when I am on holiday). Sadly - or maybe it's just as well! - there isn't one anywhere I am likely to go.

Have a really great night out!
mm i love meals on the roc, had it in a pub in wales when i went to work with Oh last year. It was a new expierance, but wouldnt cook anything other than chicken on, as im terrified of cooking meat like that!

coal grill and bar really is lovley.. obvs the fire sticks are one of the most expensive, but worth it.. youl think its really strange, and everyone will stare at you ( as i found out when i first had it ) as it comes out on like massive sword things that they then spend a while taking the chicken off for you. :D
Ha i didnt even notice the prices....i just look for things i can eat :) Oh gosh that sounds embarrasing!! I might have to take a camera now if it causes a spectacle :) only 4 hours to go...:)

What is 'on the roc'....is it exactly what it says on the tin?!
on the roc, is basically were you choose your food, and then they bring it to you, more or less raw.. with a huge, steaming hot like slate thing, (being the 'roc') and you cook it to your own liking..

having read that back, it sounds like they'r conning you into paying to still cook yourself, but its actually a really odd experiance and worth it just to say youv done it :)

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