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Coffee instead of water?


I WILL be thin!!
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I struggle to drink plenty of water but try to drink a litre but I make up for it by drinking lots of black coffee. Does anyone do this as well and does it work just as well as drinking water? I know my CDC said that coffee and tea can be substituted for water.
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Heya:) where are you going in Kenya?
Me and the bf went to mombassa in january- and oh my CRUBBUSH was it hot.. think it got up to 50 two days we were there.
It's a beautiful place, and an experience of a life time. we took a two day safari-which was mind blowing. The only thing i found hard was knowing that 5 minutes drive down the road from our hotel people were living in the worst poverty I'd ever seen. It was an amazing holiday, but you have to be ready i think before you go, just to brace yourself really. I'm saying all this- i don't know if you've even been before- so im sorry if you have!

my cdc said as long as im taking in 2 1/2 ltrs + of water be it (black)tea/coffee/ plain old water then its fine. I always feel more dehydrated after i drink coffee, not so much tea. coffee speeds up your metablism apparently..it can't be too bad. Why don't you get the water flavourings when you see your cdc? or have you tried them?



I WILL be thin!!
S: 10st11.7lb C: 10st7.7lb G: 9st10.7lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 0st4lb(2.64%)
Hi, no, we have never been to Kenya before. We're staying at Diani, just outside Mombasa. I'm trying to brace myself for the poverty and my youngest son has toys and clothes that he wants to give away. Any tips, I'd be grateful for. PM me ;)

I try and drink a litre of water a day and drink about 5 cups of coffee. At home, I have a pint mug which I use for coffee, but not at work. I think that helps. I havent tried the water flavourings and probably wont. I've got used to water 'taste', but I'm simply a coffee freak. Though I do miss my lattes and cappacinos, but I drink black coffee anyway.


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I drink 2 'venti' americanos from Starbucks every plus at least 2 litres of 'normal' water spread throughout the day.

I find that if I drink a pint of water as soon as I wake up, I feel more alert and able to function... plus it gets your system up and running quicker !
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My CDC told me that the water should be in addition to any tea or coffee that you take during the day.

I used to be a total coffee freak, drinking at least 6 or 7 cups a day, milk and a big spoon of sugar, since being on CD I probably have 2 maybe 3 a day with a little skimmed milk (SS+) and the rest of my drinking is just ice water.

I just have not wanted as much coffee!

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