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I think you can heat 1 of them a day but not sure of the facts


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Yeah you can heat them - just not in a microwave. I once put water in a sauce pan on the heat, added my sachet and gently whisked it untill hot enough. Or, just add boiling water but dont put boiling water into the shakers, whisk it by hand :)


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i add 1/2 spoon coffee to my vanilla shakes,(not tried it warm though)makes it more tasty :)


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:giggle: Well atleast you have tried it now.

How about making a warm peppermint tea up and mixing that with your chocolate shake? x
I love peppermint tea but not so sure about mixing it:rolleyes:; feeling quite queasy after the coffee experience and the last thing i feel like doing is eating...ah well every cloud has a silver lining- should have used that as a quote!
i quite like coffee flavoured things so i like it as i found the vanilla was def not one of the favourites,my nurse recommended it and it most definitely improves the taste,i also drink mine through a straw as that helps me drink them rather than trying to glug it down


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I always mix up some coffee and sweetner and let it cool down. Then I shake it up with my chocolate mix and put loads of ice in it. Just like a frappacino! I too drink from a straw, makes it more fun....and I like to blow bubbles in mine haha. I'm just a big kid really! :D

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