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Coke 0 - Diet Coke

Hiya All,

Just wanted to ask if it's possible to drink Coke O or Diet Coke whilst on LL? I know that many drink it whilst on CD, which is similar, however I wonder if this is the case with LL.

Would be great if it's possible to drink it, but I've got a feeling that you're all going to say "No" LOL!

Louale x
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Trying to stay positive..
i wasn't allowed to drink it on CD until I started the 1000kcal step. If you really want to drink coke though, chose coke zero, as it doesn't have citric acid (apparently:D).
it won't do you much damage, the reason why they don't allow ppl to drink it on a vlcd is because it increases your appetite.
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Hi Lou

I know what you mean - but it is a definate no no, and something you may want to consider giving up entirely. I was almost more worried about giving up DC then food!! I was definately addicted to the stuff, and now, in week 9 of RTM and I haven't had one, or the desire to.

Reason I am saying best to give it up - there has been loads of research and Diet Drinks are found to cause weight gain. They cause your body to crave the bad carbs, etc. So as you have an opportunity now to break the memory of the taste - may be best to give it a miss! It is also very bad for a lot of other reasons too but its too early to think clearly!!

Anwya, SOmething to consider :)

Good luck! :)
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i find having some water flavourings in fizzy water
especially sunshine orange helps tastes like fanta!!
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why not?
i have to say its my fave and it feels special to be drinking something that is actually orange in colour!!
can you not ask you llc to get some in?
Aww, thank you all for answering my question.

BL - I had no idea that drinking diet coke had an impact in such a way. Think I will be giving it a miss, it's not like I can't ever drink it again.

To be honest, I seem to drink so much of the stuff during the summer months, but not so much in winter.

Was just thinking last night that I'd never tasted Coke until I was about 11/12, never had it at home. So I'm sure I'll be able to live without it.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

Louale x
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Louale - no worries! I was shocked when I started learning more and more about the nutritional deficit you get with the stuff!! lol I loved it - drank about 4 a day some days!! More on hot summer days!!

But I decided, I knew by the time I finished the diet that I would have well and truly broke the memory of the taste, and the physicality of the addiction, so mde a pact not to have one again. I am on week 9 or 10 of RTM now, and have kept to that, and I really don;t miss it!! I enjoy lots of water still, and fruit juices or hot drinks. MOre then happy with the options available - so maybe by then you will shake the habit too!

ANyway - good luck! Your date is getting closer and closer!! :D



Surgically happy.
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off topic but I've stopped using the LL drinks for the time being. I have used them for 4 of the last 12 weeks and all 4 of those weeks account for my 4 lowest losses. I'm going at least 2 weeks without to see what I lose without them.
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BL's completely right (of course!). I stopped drinking it too, and have to say that I don't really miss it. I love my ice cold water and will have sparkling water with sunshine orange as a change on a Saturday night, which is really lovely.

I've never noticed any difference in the weight loss when I drink it. Interesting though, Andy, would be fascinating to see if that had happened to others.
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Hi Poppy

The water flavouring shouldn;t have any effect - I used them 50% of the time as after about 4 months I got tired of just plain water. So the first half was without - the second with, and they had no effect. Hoepfully they won;t for you or Andy either. :)
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
but I must be prepared for the carb craving consequences and withdrawal - neither of which are fun.

That is a big reason too why I am giving it up - that and for the chemical content and side effects.

How about an Iced-Latte, or Iced Cappuccino for a caffeine kick? :)
i am a coke addict! between myself and other half we go through 3/4 litres a day!!!!! its shocking when i type it like that!!!!!!! im going to find it really really hard to not have any, i didnt know it makes you crave food, thats crazy!!
I know what you mean GGF, while I was at Uni I was totally hooked on Pepsi Max. Could easily chug down 12 cans in day, and yes it certainly did make me want other sugary food as well, which of course I had.

I decided that enough was enough (it was getting to the point where I felt addicted, I HAD to go and buy at least a 6pack of them every day or else I didn't feel right, and that scared the hell out of me) so I just went "cold turkey" if that term can apply to a soft drink.

It was tough, and I felt some seriously withdrawl for a few days (who knew you could actually get properly hooked on fizzy pop???!?!?!) but felt so much better the other side of it.

Its now been over 2 years since I last had any coke/pepsi, and it was easy to not have any as just looking at the bottle/can/logo reminds me of how frickin' awful I felt and what it did to me, plus now through LL I've seen that it was my absolute no.1 trigger food.

I still had the occasional Fanta or Sprite but they don't have the same effect for some reason.
glad im not the only one pete!

im thinking maybe ill give it up before i head into LL fully, i can imagine that i will prob feel cravings for coke as badly as food and stuff!!!!!! you know its shocking to think that a simple drink can have this effect on people, im actually more scared about going without coke than i am food!!! i know thats bad isnt it!


Do a little dance!
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I too am a coke fiend. It's actually the thing I am most scared of not having after losing! How sad!

Once on RTM or after that can you drink things like J20 or Appletiser? Or is that better to drink rather?

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