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Coke addict

It's day 4 for me and I'm really suffering the effects of Coke withdrawal (the kind you drink, not the kind you snort!). When not on Cambridge (I've had a couple of false starts over the past 2 years) my liquid intake is entirely Coca Cola. I know; it's so awful. That's what made me so fat in the first place. I mean, I ate a lot too, obviously, but not an amount you would associate with someone as big as I am. It's the Coke that's done all that damage. Litres and litres per day. Not even the sugar free kind. Coke. Coke. Coke. I'm a slave to the faux energy it gives me. I swear, I am never touching the stuff again. All this time I've been using straws to protect my teeth, and not giving two hoots about the rest of me.

By the time my CWP journey is done, my taste buds will hopefully have changed beyond recognition, and I won't even want the stuff near me. This diet is such a good way of flushing the habit out of my overloaded system!
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I'm a pepsi max girl lol. Don't drink tea or coffee. Just pepsi. Gave it up before I was pregnant but then fizzy drinks got rid of the nausea. Gave it up again about three months ago and went to squash and then just water since cd.

The first few days are awful. The headache :( when I had my first pepsi afterwards tho they don't taste the same. But, if you keep going back then eventually they do and bam you're hooked again.

Think we need to realise it's an addiction, and they're proved to be so. Like I can't have just one cigarette :( I also can't have just one can.

But, I'd rather feel good about the way I look than be fat with a can of pop anyway wouldn't you lol x

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if you still want the caffeine kick you can have some coffea or tea. But I guess it's the sugar withdrawal that is the hardest, it actually makes you sick. I've read a book about this. But it eventually goes away, and your body is much healthier. Wishing you the best !

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