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Coke Zero (and the like) not allowed now?

I did CD back in 2007 and you were allowed 1 or 2 cans of coke zero (or other zero drinks I think) after 2 weeks.

Just started again and it looks like this is one of the things that has been changed - it seems its been banned.

Is this true? Coke zero was my wee afternoon treat/snack replacement so it would be a shame. :cry:
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hmm my CDC said coke zero was ok... in moderation.

Will be interested to see what the CDC's say. ;)
My cdc no. I lived on diet coke and dont drink tea or coffee. I prob had more withdrawal from not drinking diet coke then food! lol


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Zero type drinks were allowed for a very short time, but was quickly taken off as some people were stalling and it can cause cravings.

Other people don't have a problem with it, but officially, it's a no-no
Definitely a no - I never ever recommend it as I have seen to my clients fail by introducing Coke Zero and other Zero cal drinks.

It was removed from the books for that reason, so err on the side of caution.

Although you may feel it doesn't affect you, how do you know what your loss would have been if you hadn't introduced it?

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Loves weight.. training!
Fair comment :) Will restrict mine further to just if i'm out in a restaurant I think.. then it'll be a 'treat' scenario.
I am sure i read in the cd book you can have zero coke when your on the step 3 1000 calories. Only a few stones to go for me!

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