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Coke Zero


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Erm...i dont think this is allowed!!! sorry. I know on higher plans and maintenance its allowed, but SS its a no no! Unless they've changed the ruling!!!




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Ah, my CDC definitely told me it's allowed on SS!


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It's not allowed any more..

That said, I have a 500ml bottle of it twice a week when I'm at work and it's not done me any harm.. Just a little every now and again I guess if you're going to!


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I believe that it was allowed but now isn't as it was triggering food cravings.

I think it's down to you really, if you're ok with it and it doesn't make you crave other stuff then have it when you need it but don't count it in your water allowance.


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Oh ******* bollox. And there was me thinking I'd stuck to it 100%!
Hi Guru,

If it makes you feel better my CDC said a bit was OK on SS as long as it doesn't make me want to eat. I have it if I fancy it and it hasn't affected my losses x
i drink nothing but still strawberry and kiwi and red apple perfectly clear
its not officially allowed but i just couldnt stand plan water...
each to their own give it a go if u get hungry stop...xxx


Wants to be a yummy mummy
You have stuck to it 100%! (Ooh I put lots of ! in then but took them out especially for you, forgot which forum I was on then.. ;) )

Honestly, have it if you want it but don't go crazy - it hasn't harmed my losses at all!


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She said I could have the two Perfectly Clear flavours too. I drank a whole bottle of the apple one last week!

Oh well. It doesn't seem to have done my weightloss any harm :D


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You have stuck to it 100%! (Ooh I put lots of ! in then but took them out especially for you, forgot which forum I was on then.. ;) )
My CDC said I could have some but I haven't as I can get a bit of a coke addiction (LOL!) going on.

Didn't affect your fabulous weight loss at all though so like the others said, if you fancy it and it doesn't make you start craving food then have some.
me either and my cdc didnt mind either she made me wee on a stick i was stil in ketosis not dehydrated...although 2 2L bottles of perfectly clear a day is a whole lot dearer than plain water but hey ho i enjoy it so nevermind xx

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my CDC says that a small amount of coke zero is fine, maybe half of a 500ml bottle a few times a week is ok.


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it won't affect weight loss but could make you hungry....I'll risk it!


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I've read loads of people say they are having coke zero and it is not affecting their weight loss. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a con from Cambridge to get you to buy their water flavourings.

Think about it - if they actively promoted the fact you could drink coke zero eventually most people would switch from the water flavourings to coke zero.

Can anyone confirm if they have used coke zero and had their weight loss reduce? For example did you start using it after a few weeks and notice the scales stop registering a loss? If so how much did you drink and how often?
Because coke 0 contains malic acid instead of citric acid then originally it was allowed in small doses, however a recent study from CDC's noted that some people retained water with it, and some had massive food cravings, therefore CD reverted back to the ruling of water, black tea and coffee.

Whilst some people (incl me at times) have had coke 0 and perfectly clear, the official stance is no, coke 0 is not allowed.

At the end of the day, its always the dieters choice, if they choose to have it and it works then its brill, if it doesnt, then dont do it again :D

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