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Coke Zero...

Big H

Silver Member
I drink loads of it. It's not healthy, but won't affect CD.


Must do it this time
I have a can every night,maybe more if i want/need to.

Its just a little treat for us to enjoy in the midst of all the dieting.I couldnt do without it ;)
Oh, glad you both said that. I 1/2 expected an all round NO!.... It's so nice to just have a different taste in my mouth!

Not gonna go overboard, but please to know you guys are successfully having it on ss! <---( you are on ss right?)


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Heh! I drink a few cans some days - others none at all. It very occasionally gave me the munchies when I first started using it (using - ahahaha - like the addict I am) when I go on long walks I take it as my caffeine fix.


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Coke Zero is having UK marketing issues (they keep giving it away free outside my office) - H should be the posterboy for it!


Climbing the mountain...
My CWC says men tend to be really successful on this, must have more resistance to getting pulled out ketosis? Another benefit of being a bloke lol ;) Still a beddy hard diet to do though!

She also said to me to try it as a treat if I really am craving something different, my next wobble will see me buying multipacks of coke zero hahaha!
I've had another glass. Really enjoyed the sweetness of it. Might make it a regular treat to pass the evenings.... Although I'll see if it's had an impact on me being in ketosis tomorrow.


Nearly there...
How will u know?? Is Ketosis ALWAYS not being hungry??
Sauce x

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