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Coke Zero

I heard a rumour you could drink coke zero after 2 weeks, but I wouldn't if I was you.
And I could be completely wrong about that. :p

I went to the pub yesterday and my parents/brother were all eating lovely food and I sat there with my 2 pints of water feeling very superior ;)

Think how much better you'll feel about yourself if you don't do it :)


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My CDC told me coke zero was ok every now and then, as it doesnt contain citric acid. So I have had a couple of cans!
I think you can have coke zero but only one can?


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I can't get enough of the stuff (I usually drink two 500ml bottles per day), and it has never affected me. Then again, when I was on Atkins and in ketosis for five months solid, I drank any and all diet sodas, including those containing citric acid.

I know from experience that it doesn't affect me, but of course, I would never recommend others did what I do, as their mileage may vary.
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I've read somewhere about a powder that you can put into water, was that on CD though?


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I was at a party last night & drank sparkling water. It felt as though I was having something different and I really enjoyed the whole evening x
Yeah i had two bottles of coke zero for change this week. still managed a 7lb weight loss and didnt make me feel hungry or bloated. I love soda water, but god that makes me burp loads ha ha x


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The official line is no, water, sparkling water and flavouring, but I have to say I have had it and it doesn't affect me... if you can't cope on water or sparkling water I would say try some but it is completely a personal decision...

Enjoy the party though..



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I have coke zero all the time!


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my cdc says that coke zero is ok occasionally,
enjoy your night whatever you decide hun,
elaine x
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i drink a couple of cans more for something different to drink!


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Well went on my night out and stuck with coke zero but only had few glasses and left at about 11ish as was bit tired funny watching people get drunk and thinking wow was i ever that annoying ha haha ah xxxxxx

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