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Coke zero!!


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Can somebody tell me what the deal with coke zero is please?

I'm going over to friends tonight with my shake and water...they are all making fajita's and cocktails, can't complain as they are not going out into town just because i said i wasn't really feeling up to it so they suggested staying in.

I know i won't eat anything although the cocktails will be tempting i just really feel like i need something. Something to actually sip and taste and feel like i am having flavour.

Is this a bad idea, i was only thinking one can or half a can but i have been 100% on ss for 9days now and would like to keep it that way...i don't even want one little slip up so please can someone tell me if this would affect me or not or what they reccommend.

Also i am sure i am in ketosis still, there is no reason why i would not be as all i have had for 9days is water and shakes but i'm feeling sooo hungry and my belly is really making noises like it did in the first 3 days and my mood the past 2 days has been really low compared to my upbeat full of life feeling last week....whats happening?xx
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I used to have coke zero when I did ssing and also perfectly clear strawberry & kiwi, I found it made the difference between sticking to the diet or not.


Staying on plan!
coke zero COULD knock you out of ketosis. it can also start off cravings and make you feel hungry.
if you can keep away from it, all the better hun.
I have coke zero and dr pepper zero too. Been told it's ok and I'm on Day 11. Have a good evening with your friends.


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i have heard it should be avoided hon. it knocks some people out of ketosis and also can set off cravings for everything under the sun. you could undo all the hard work you've done so far...

have a black coffee or save a chocolate milkshake for a little decadence?

abz xx
Official line is big big NO I'm afraid. If I'm going somewhere for an evening, even a friends house I take fizzy water which seems to do the trick.


getting slimmer
have you tried the ss water flavouring? i have mine with sparkling mineral water and its yummy!! x
Good idea missmf, I use the Berry flavour but hadn't thought to use in sparkling water, will give that one a go - cheers!


getting slimmer
i use that flavour too, yummy! i've had one "drink" since being on the diet and thats what i mixed my voddy with too! xx


getting slimmer
have read it, and took it in. i ate a tuna salad before i went out, and was fine, had a really good night, wasnt ill or too drunk. thanks for your concern.
Thanks everyone, have no water flavourings yet so sparkling water it is...oh what a treat. Think i'll avoid the zero as don't wanna risk being kicked out of ketotis. Thanks for all the info.xx
It was ok thanks Abz...just stuck with my water and a black coffee. (just checking which forum i'm in as next bit will contain food ref, lol)...They cooked the fajitas which was hard to deal with, smell of the cooking was driving me insane. And the cocktails looked rubbish anyway so i stayed 100% again which i'm proud of as just over a week ago i know i'd of cracked. How's work going?xx


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well done :D and yes, i keep having to check as i keep messing that one up, ha.

work is not going so badly. the sun is shining outside though and i want to be out in it. i would love to go for a walk but my back is really bad today and i don't want to aggrivate it if i'm going to be walking around york tomorrow... there's no sun in my garden in the evenings (schoolboy error in buying first house!!) so i probably won't get much out of it. hopefully tomorrow in york will be just the same :)

abz xx

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