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Coke Zero??


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Hi :)

I'm not a CDC but I know that it's not a permitted thing. Some members do drink it and will say that it does not affect their weightloss plan and others will say they feel it does.

I personally have never used it as a drink on CD because I just didn't want to take any chances on how my body would deal with it. I'm sure a CDC will be along soon as well with their input,

Best wishes,

Lacey x :)
Coke zero is apparently ok because it doesnt contain citric acid which is supposed to bring u out of ketosis. Iv heard its perfectly fine to drink. x


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Is Coke Zero allowed?
I have just read on another thread that a CDC said it was ok.

Can you point me to the thread as well please Foosey? :)


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Isis, see the message posted before yours. Indiomonkey mentioned it.


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Officially it is a definite 'no', but because it contains phosphoric acid rather than citric acid (which can make you retain water) some people do drink it. It can cause cravings and feelings of hunger although I personally drink a very occasional can of Coke Zero and it has never done me any harm. If you do decide to drink some, drink it on top of the minimum 2.25 litres of allowable fluids.
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Isis, see the message posted before yours. Indiomonkey mentioned it.
I've just seen it thanks. Just trying to help by digging out a thread that was posted originally by a CDC :)
I was told no. X
I was told by my CDC that I could have a can a day and so thought this was official CDC guidelines. To be honest think I'm going to keep it as an occasional treat when I'm going out etc.

I'm in ketosis but only just, which might be because the Coke or it might be all the water I'm drinking !!

I'd be really interesting to hear what other CDCs say.


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I'll be completely honest, I buy a 6 can pack every week and take 1 to work each day!

It is true that it doesn't contain citric acid, so wont knock you out of ketosis. But it's right, that some people lead on to have other things.

It has never effected my weightlosses. But I wouldn't drink 1 litre a day, I have a can and that's it.

I'd give it a go, and see what wi does when you go the next week.

Good Luck, x x x


its one of these things where.

Some people say its had no effect
Some people say its fine
Some people say no
Some people say it stalls them
Some people say it triggers cravings/makes them hungry

Its a very individual reaction to it. The official CD line is now no. It sused to be circa 2007 that you were allowed 1 can per day, but CD changed it.

Now I'm not, and never have been 100% all the way through this so I'm not a cd angel, my thoughts though, are that they must have changed it for a reason.

At the end of the day its your diet, you can chance it, but its your weightloss/cravings etc or you might be totally fine.

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