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Cokes- back to it


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I thought I'd start a diary and share a little about me and my journey.

I am Rachel, and I'm 29. I live with my husband and 2 labradors Bruno and Bonnie. I am currently unemployed but looking hard. I've always worked in the social care field.

I used to use this site but on the Xenical forums when I was prescribed that by my GP. Of course I fell off the wagon as I was depriving myself too much and I wasn't really in the best frame of mind to be dieting.

In the past I have done my own low carb diets that I kind of made up a bit. This was when I was a bit younger and I did generally keep my weight in check although I have never been thin. I think moving in with my husband was probably the point that I started gaining weight as he loves bread and chocolate. I had never really been that bothered about them but did start eating more. Of course I found my appetite grew and having a stressful job meant that I crammed whatever I could get into my mouth when I had the chance. I started to see food as comfort and spent my free time scoffing. That is how I ended up here.

In the 3 weeks that I have done Atkins by the book, I have lost more weight than I have successfully managed with any other diet. I'm not dissatified with it and I find that I'm not spending all day thinking about food like I usually do on a diet. I'm eating 3 meals a day and every meal time I'm not ravenous enough to over eat. It's blinking marvelous.

I am also trying to get more exercise in. I am walking up to the shopping centre now if I only need a few things. Get fit and save petrol bonus! Since I'm unemployed I have added another walk into my doggies schedule so they now go out 3 times a day. I only ever used to pop in at a lunch time when working. This means that I walk the dogs at least 90 minutes a day. My Fitness Pal says that this means I am burning 501 calories a day doing this. Blooming heck, that's so exciting! I'm gonna walk even more!

So up to today. I have been walking of course. I have also been sitting in the sun with hat over face as I don't want wrinkles yet, my grey hair coming through is bad enough to me. I sat and read some more of the Atkins book about disease prevention.

Food wise Ive been good and intend on being good the rest of the day and my life. I know that eating the way I have and not exercising has got me here. I'm not going back to having no eneregy and being miserable because there are far too many pretty clothes out there that I deserve to wear. So I'm going to :D
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Hi Cokes

Really glad you started a diary, it's so good to have your place to be happy, celebrate successes and vent when you need to - although we wander all over each other's threads anyway :)

You really sound like your head is exactly where it needs to be to lose weight well and happily - and I will take a leaf out of your book and start walking more!

All the best



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Hi Susie and Thanks. I may post how many miles I do a day and add them up at the end of the month. I have a cheapy pedometer only cost me a couple of pound from ebay. If you have one and do some walking let me know how you get on. That My Fitness Pal site is good. I can't believe the calories I'm burning doing something I'm enjoying, especially in all of the nice weather. Will start tomorrow with the mile count although it would have been good to start today being the start of the month and all! In fact no I'll put the pedometer on for this evenings walk. Every little counts (and I don't even shop at Tesco, lol).


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LOL I like it.

I have a pedometer app on my phone, so just have to remember to get off the bus earlier. I have an hour's commute, so am always worried about getting to work on time - oh dear just realised I'll have to get up half an hour earlier :(


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An hours commute! Poor you! I hate travelling to work, always loved travelling from it though :D

I went and forgot my pedometer when out with the dogs, so feeling a bit guilty that I had nothing to put on here I did 20 minutes on the treadmill at speed 5 which is a very brisk walk, quicker than I do with the dogs so I'm a bit sweaty now but if it helps keep the losses going I'm up for it.

So Walking total 1.51 miles :party0049:


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So, today has been good too. My pedometer isn't working it keeps switching it's self off so I will just record the time spent walking instead until I get something more reliable.

My mother in law has started atkins today and I have given her this site address so she will be popping up soon on the forums. We had a nice long country walk today we were out for 1hr 15 mins. The sun was nice. I would have thought more people would have been out walking but maybe they are all out drinking.

I also walked to and fron the shops, 20 mins, and walked the dogs another twice so 60 mins. So thats a total of 155 mins. No add 20 as I'm gonna treadmill it later as well, so 175 mins walking today.

So add that to yesterdays of 110 mins+ total for May so far 265 mins. Blooming marvellous :D


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Well done you - I went outside and 5 mins later the hayfever hit and I had to scurry back in again :(


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Hi cokes :)
Love your diary and great to track walking time! You are doing amazingly well and i'm like you - love the food ;)
Keep it up


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Thanks Katie and Susie. Hayfever is terrible, I find Cetirizine works for me. I get 2 months supply from the GP, and as its one precription only have to pay once so works out cheaper than buying packs of 7 over the counter.

I'm just popping in on my diary now. I came on to get the Oopsie Roll recipe. I am having a baking day. I have just made brownies with the recipe from the atkins recipe book. They don't look much (my lack of skill) but they taste pretty good. I was meant to get 30 out of the mix, but no way could I get that. I managed to make 20 small brownies. But I think I did ok. My husband will be pleased as he tentatively started yesterday. He is a chocolate fiend. I am starting him on ongoing weight loss though as he doesn't need to lose much. He last got weighed 10 years ago and has only put 9kg on since then. He does play football and practices hockey and stuff though where as I didn't so I got fatter!

Will update later with how my Oopsies turned out and of course the walking update x


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Bit of a thumbs down for the Oopsie rolls. I don't really like them and I know my husband will hate them. Oh well pleanty more recipes in the world to try!


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I'm so tired today so I haven't and am not intending on doing any treadmill tonight.
Husband just come in when I was typing that. Rah! He is annoying me!!!! Stupid joke comments about being starving. Now he is looking for the 2 choclate eggs that I haven't given out yet and I hid them so he couldn't get them. GGGrrrrrrrrr

Right rant over. Eating wise has been spot on, had lovely pork sausages and ribs for dinner. My walking has been 20 mins to shop n back, and about 90 mins with the dogs. So thats 110 mins for today.
So total mins for may is 375. Yay. Will be on the treadmill tomorrow though ;)
Morning Rachel,

Just found your diary so I'll be follwing it now :)


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Morning Jim, thanks it's nice to chat to people.
I've had a major lie in this morning and just feel so tired bodily not mentally, I still feel like I could knock doors out of windows. I'm just wondering if it could be due to the Brownies that I made. I only had 2, very small ones to try. I'm not generally that fussed about the sweet stuff anyway so I'm not gonna bother having any more just in case.
It might also be my body catching up with the excersise, but I haven't done loads extra to be honest. I always take my dogs out for good walks. Maybe I have just stepped up a gear with pace and it's making my body groan! Anyway mother in law is due this afternoon. We normally go on a nice country walk with the dogs. Today instead we'll be walking to the vets with Bonnie my girl dog (Bruno will come too for the walk). She got spayed 2 weeks ago and is just going for a check as last week she was a little swollen. I've had to keep her on the lead for 2 weeks now to limit her excersise. Very difficult considering she's young and full of energy.
Anyway, will check in later when I'm a bit more awake (shocking it's nearly 11am) and do my walk count :D
I've always pretty much steered clear of S/F & L/C products myself Rachel
Hi cokes!
I though I would pop in and say hello! You are doing so well and good on you for trying new recipes. I made the oopsie rolls 2 years back and didn't really enjoy them. I am usually pretty satisfied with my meals to be without it. My husband is another story.... He is French and needs baguette with ever meal.

Anyway good luck Hun with the rest of the day x


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Hello and welcome to Atkins :D - I love the oopsies but I am sure they are not to everyones taste - I like mine sweet mainly, just break them up in a bowl with a little splenda and some cream as a dessert.


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Hi Guys, Thanks for popping in!

I'm feeling a lot more awake now and better than this morning. I took the doggies for a wander around our market which is on today. Only took about 20 mins but was nice in the sun.

At the market I got some nice spring green cabbage and some spring onions. For lunch I decided to create something with them. So I fried a cup of roughly chopped cabbage and about 1/4 cup of spring onion in butter with 2 shakes of celery salt and 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder. Cabbage with a kick! I really enjoyed it. I had it with some roast chicken but I think it would go really well with beef. Some people may prefer to add less chilli but I liked the kick.

I also decided that I would try and make the flax cookies in the flax & mim thread. I have had one and I'm impressed. Think I'll keep these around if i do fancy a taste of sweetness but that's rare. Husband will definately like them.

I don't really find the need to snack on anything now which I suppose is a good thing. But Gossipgirl I am now thinking about warm bagettes with butter! Ah! I'm not hungry, just thinking fondly of them. No! Stop! That's how I got here! There I've talked myself out of thinking of "evil" things, ha ha

I'm looking forward to dinner later. I'm doing tuna steaks with chips, either aubergine or celeriac if I can find the celeriac


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Hello again. I'm popping in early as "I used to be fat" is on MTV at 8 and I like it.

So had my tuna steak, baked in foil with a little sea salt and a little spring onion. Total bliss!

Also been to the vets with Bonnie and she has the all clear to have off the lead walks. So walking to the vets took about 30 mins in total.

Treadmilled it for 10 mins, then did the doggies evening walk at 30 mins (had to be quick as hubby off to play footie). So add the 20 mins at the market this morning. So thats 90 mins walking today.

Which makes a total of 465 minutes walking for May. Hurrah. I'm really starting to see the benefit. My awful belly is getting smaller. My neck looks slimmer too, weird I know to notice my neck but I did when I was putting on my coconut oil and I have to say my neck is looking good. Gees I really am strange aren't I!

Ha, anyways off to watch my telly box x
Morning Rachel,

Have you tried Mims?

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