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Cold remedies - can we take them ?

I was also wondering something similar as I have this weird cough at the moment, gets worse in the arvo, and I have been having a stepsil lozenge at night to take away the tickle so I dont bark like a dog all night! .... only started CD today, and want to start on the right track.


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I have been feeling 'coldy' all weekend but rather than risk anything with citric acid in, I have been taking Nurofen. Seems to be doing the trick! Am guessing all lozenges/lemsips etc are a no go due to the citric acid but I am sure someone will be along shortly to let us know!


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Lemsip drink sachets and the like are sugary, so I would take the tablet form. Hope you all feel better soon.
I was advised to have paracetamol only to help with a cold. I did this but ended up having cough syrup as I developed laryngitis! Took me out of ketosis but did not put on weight - maintained for the week, but to me it was more important that I was well again x


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I had the lurg last week and had a really nasty cough. I had to take Covonia but I still lost 2lb last week, even with TOTM. I thought what's more important, losing a few pounds this week or getting myself better to lose even more next week.


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General recommendation is using the CD orange drink made up with hot water and paracetamol.

Hope you get over your cold soon. I hate colds!
Good idea. I haven't got any of the drink but have a meeting with my CDC on Sunday and will get some. Must admit feeling much better and managed without Lemsip etc. Thanks everyone.

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