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omg me too. ive got goosey bumps all over ;)
cant believe they say its 8 degrees out there, more like 2


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p.s. its a conspiracy by the gas companies so we have to put our heating on again :(


Alway see the love x
Ive my heating on and every piece of clothing it means. I hate it!!!

Cant wait to have a bloody hot, steaming bubble bath just to warm me old bones up......

Woofy x

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Is feeling the cold a norm on atkins too? It was on Lipotrim which is also a ketosis diet so wondered if its the same here?

To be honest I'm always cold anyways even in Summer cos I got the joy of an underactive thyroid!
I think it's quite warm personally girls.
I've been in short sleeve shirts for a couple of weeks now Linz.


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Me too, always cold every night unless i'm drinking wine ;)



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i was warmer until i started drinking my ice cold water. im freezing again :(
Cold is good :) it shows that you are in ketosis. I am on Cambridge Diet at the moment but moving to Atkins shortly. Last night I had 3 jumpers on, covered by a blanket and with a hot water bottle :eek:

It's a side effect because ketosis releases energy slower and your body is concentrating on burning fat and keeping you warm is not a priority.

In a sick way I now like being cold because I know it's working :)
I was never cold, not even on induction, but being 11 stone overweight could have had something to do with that.


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I'm bloody cold today :( pfffffffffft!


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oh me too :( we are obv burning fat mets x


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I hope so hun... I've got a lot to burn! There's no way in HELL i'm reaching my target for holiday! LOL!

It's TOTM this week so won't have a loss - well I doubt. I think I'm going to do a strict induction for the last 2 weeks and see if I can have a wooooooooosh!


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Bet you get under 11 for your hols :) seen your piccies on fb and you look gorg anyway :D

did you sort out your probs last week hon?

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