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colly's save while i slim sw diary

hi all!

i'm new-ish to sw. i joined 3 weeks ago, had a half decent first week. lost 5lb, then it was my birthday and i drank and ate cake until i burst. :break_diet:

also had some very bad news this week and yet again not been on plan. :cry:

as tough as it this week has been i could make excuses forever why i'm not on plan, so i need to move my bum and get back on track.

i have about 9 stone to lose, although last time i was about 4 stone lighter than this i felt gooooood! i've been overweight my whole life and have always said on here that if i could walk into topshop and take the biggest size in there i would be bloody delighted. i'm almost 6ft tall, so don't ever think i'm gonna be tiny. size 12-14-16 to me would probably be like size 8 to a petite girl!

i decided i'm going to save £10 for every lb i lose. so hopefully when i lose 120lb i will have £1200 to spend on me me me me me!! if i ever get there, i'll deserve the money!

i'm going for a wi tonight, wish me luck, i think its gonna be a gain... x
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Pea on legs!
Good luck for tonight Colly! I really like the idea of saving a 'treat pot' of money as you lose weight - I might have to adopt that. I can't wait to be able to buy anything from any shop that isn't in a 'plus' range!
thank you! and yeah me too- this is what i mean when i say i was happy enough at 4st lighter than i am now- i still felt fat but i could buy a dress in primark albeit a size 18. i havent even been near primark in about 2 years x
1lb gain- not too bad, as i drank about a litre of green tea when i got home. all the more i can lose next week! bought some cookbooks too and the directory, i will have a 100% week this week for sure x
also god when i come on here i cant stop looking at my avatar...mmmm, i'd have that over a kfc any day of the week ;)
i have loooads of gorgeous dresses in size 14-16, just waiting for me to shift some weight and squeeze into them....
i've had a *bit* of a pig out at lunch today, probably about 800/900 cal (i dread to think of the syns), but i didnt have breakfast so i am drawing a line under it before i have a bad full day, i am back on board already and will make me something lovely and syn free for tea me thinks!! i need to learn the art of organisation cause i come to work without lunch in tow and it's my first mistake i reckon xx

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