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"colonic irrigation"

No but I would. xx
I've had it done twice - the last as a treat for my 40th birthday! Its a very strange sensation (not painful), but you really do feel good afterwards. I think if you have had a baby, or ever had a smear test, having this procedure is no more embarrassing!


Alway see the love x
Oh that sounds lovely..... I hate the feeling of being BLOATED!!
Would you do 1 at home??? I see Ebay sells them....
<<<< Is thinking.....

Woofy X


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Me I have it very regularly.
I'm a Beauty Therapist & a girl at work does it.
It's fab!

I have trouble "going" sometimes & find it helps to move things along nicely.
It doesn't hurt but can be a bit uncomfortable if you are constipated. It feels like the sensation you get when you really need to go to the toilet. As you're not sat on a toilet you may find yourself tensing up to hold on to it, but you need to try & be as relaxed as poss to help it along. They use warm water & cool water. If the stools are hard & you are a backed up, then it can be difficult to soften so you may have to go back for another a couple of weeks later.
You'll feel great afterwards, but its a myth that you lose alot of weight afterwards. If you were constipated then you might lose a lb or so, but not much more.
It is also normal not to go for a few days afterwards as you've been "cleaned out" effectively.

Sorry if you've found this a bit gross, but it's the only way I can describe it.
I'm all for Colonics they are the way forward.


Alway see the love x
Zobo, I didnt find that gross at all, hunni...
How often do you have them? Do you add anything to the water? Coffee? salts?

I hardly go no2`s and thats before the diet as well..... I want movement!!

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No she just uses good old water.

Just make sure the salon/therapist has been doing it for a while as the more experience the better then colonic I've found.

I have them every couple of months, but if I'm feeling sluggish, my skins rotten & I'm back up then I have them when I feel the need.
They are well worth it!
What a shlt thread! :-D


Happy to be slim at last
Morning Woofy!

Have you tried using the colon cleanse tablets that you can buy in health food stores? I have seriously thought about giving these a go. I have stoped taking the psyllium husks as I found they made me worse and generally have been ok, BUT I have discovered that on the weeks I eat more salads (leaves and cucumber) I get tummy issues and lose inches but don't lose much weight. On the weeks I avoid salad and have lots of veggies, I don't have tummy issues and lose more. So I am going to try two weeks of just veggies (no salads) and see if things improve in the "pipes".

I think I am also going to try the colon cleanse tablets. I have had two days of salad and suffering today. :( Will find a link for the kind of thing I have seen and post it on here.

My friend had a colonic somewhere in MK and said the lady was fab (she loved her job :eek:). I can find out where she went if you want the details.


Happy to be slim at last


Woofy X

That has just brightened my day. Come on Jim, where's your sense of adventure?????
EwE what aloud of crap!! lol

I don't think i could let anything never mind anything up my but hole!!


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