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has anyone been for a colonic, there was a feature for a place in the local paper and it sounds excellent. most people apparently have 4-20lbs of 'backlog' lol so it might be a great way of shifting some lbs (and £'s lol). jsut wondering if anyone has tried it and if they would recommend it, im really tempted
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My friend is going to have one and asked if I wanted to go with her. Apparently they give you some herbal stuff to take a week before and it cost £52
yea it is quite pricey but i thought i might treat myself hahaha with my leftover birthday money
Hey my sis inlaw does colonics in her clinic. She is a registered nurse and she has had alot of women come in and have it done to aid weight loss.
Ive not had one yet but i will when pluck up the courage!!

Ruthy xxxx


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They aren't as bad as they seem! No pain, just a little uncomfy! (you get a bit of pressure in your stomach) And they do make you feel great after, alot less 'full'. Besides, the people who do them, have done alot of them, so its unlikely you will be a all that important to their day to day ness so no need to be shy!
martyn, believe me im not shy, im a body piercer and do everything (yes i have had my hands in everywhere) and my belief is that when its your job you dont think of it as anything else. at this place you can 'insert' yourself however the people do them day in day out so it wouldnt make me embarassed. my dad had one and said it made him feel great after but just wondering what would happen weight loss wise i cant remember if he lost anything


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Other than a a lb or two, i can't see if doing anything drastic, other than just making everything run better for awhile. And seeing as better stuff will be going into your body, it will possibly keep going smoother for alot longer.

So.. i wouldn't really go for one, just to lose a few lbs, but more to feel better and stuff.

Hope that helps!
yea i have wanted to try it for a while but worried that i will drop a few pounds only for them to go back on quickly so i will have a gain after :S I jsut wanted to know how long the effects of it last
I have a colonic about twice a year and anyone who advertises them as a weight loss solution is misleading the public. Yes you may shed a couple of lbs initally but its not going to make that much of a difference really. The benefits is in how less full and bunged up you feel.

I would recommend them but do go to a practitioner that has been recommended as my sister had an uncomfortable experience when she first went.

Its a strange feeling and not dignified at all but the way your skin looks and the way your eyes sparkle afterwards is definately worth it.

As a weight loss solution, No, but as an addition to a healthy lifestyle, yes!


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We looked into going but the doctors where I work put us off saying you are at great risk of a perforated bowel...it can be weak in parts and having fluid forced up can strain and burst it leading to complications. Be very careful!
I've had one done before a few years ago and i'm tempted to get one done again.

Last time i had it doen it was fine, felt a lot more energised afterwards, practically bounced down the road lol.
Not sure about the weight loss issue of it all but i too wonder if you lose it out of your colon will you put it back on quickly??

Hmm.. xxx
I have had one done before, but be warned that depending on each person, you usually need 2 or 3 visits (close together) to complete the process and for it to be most affective, the first time round. I didn't realise that when I went and because I hadn't budgeted for more than one, it didn't really have any affect, as I couldn't keep up the treatments.

The experience itself was fine and not nearly as bad as you might think.

A good alternative, which I also tried and found really did work, is Gillian McKeiths 24hour Detox. It's about £20 from Boots or Holland & Barratt. You'll need to take it on a weekend when you're staying in though! It's a much safer and cheaper alternative.

Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but surely it's weight loss, not fat loss....so if what we're really trying to do is get skinnier, then it won't help. If we just want a nicer scales experience, then yeah, great. Wouldn't a laxative do the same thing though?

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