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Colposcopy! .........


Going From Flab to FAB!
i know this may be a bit personal and understand if noone wants to post but im worried/scared! ..
I had a smear test in march and i had a letter this morning from the hospital telling me to make an appointment within 5 days for a colposcopy! .. and with it came a leaflet about cancer! :( ... i am so worried! ..
Ive had an abnormal smear before about 6 years ago and i just had to go back for a retest and then regular tests after that but this one im off straight to the hospital! ... :cry: I dont know what to think ..

any advice or knowledge would be wonderful thanks girls xx
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My 29 year old daughter had severely abnormal (pre-cancerous) cells last year and had a colposcopy (where they stain the cells and look) to see how many and widespread they were. She had them in two different areas and the following week she had a cone biopsy where they put her to sleep and removed the cells. The surgeon said she would be put to sleep as she was going to dig deep to make sure she got them all. It was a nightmare for us, so can really understand your worry. She's had 2 smears 3 months apart now and, thank God, they were normal. They'll continue for 2 years and only then will we start to relax a bit. If you want to ask anything please pm me. I will say that 2 out of 3 of my friends have also had the same thing, it's much more common than you think and the doctors know what they're doing. You're in good hands.
hiya...didnt like hearing you sound so worried, a colposcopy is where you have a more detailed examination of the cervix. Its like a large magnifying glass and helps the doctor look more closely for cell changes. i know its not a lot of info hun but i guess every little helps...hope all goes well for you..x


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Don't worry about it - often the cells return to normal on their own, if not they remove them . I'm back to the colposcopy clinic again on monday which is not the most fun thing to do but I'm really not worried (more worried about the pain of a visit to get my bits waxed in preparation :eek:)

I know it's natural to worry but please try not to upset yourself - it really is more common than you think (like Hopesprings says) and if they don't return to normal on their own, totally treatable



Going From Flab to FAB!
I think im worried because about 6 years ago i had an abnormal smear but i was just recalled to the surgery for another one and then had to go back twice a year for two years .. This one tho was just a letter telling me to make an appointment within 5 days to the hospital! ! ... which is why im worrying ...

thanks for being there tho xxx


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That's quite normal, although when you're not used to it it can be alarming. It really is the norm - please don't panic

I have absolutely nothing helpful to say what-so-ever, I've never even had a smear test :eek: so I know nothing at all about them. I just didn't want to read your thread and not reply. I hope everything's ok, by the sounds of what people of said you really don't need to worry.

Make sure you let us know how you get on though x x


Going From Flab to FAB!
:O Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......... you really must must have one!!!!! ..goodness me! ... and im sure if starry sees this she will be kicking ya butt to!
Im ok about things today! just have to go get it done and see what happens afterwards is all! ..

Thanks so much for being here for me yesterday it is greatly appreciated xxxxx

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