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Come ON 17s!


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Bored of being in the 18s. I want to be 17 stone something. Now now now now now.


Must be good and not eat at the next bbq this weekend as I completely stuffed it up last weekend. Or I will be stuck in 18 hell forever as punishment I reckon.
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Aw Megan you are like my own personal cheerleader :D Can you come and live with me and lock my fridge please?


is a naughty girl...
not sure I would be allowed the key either though! ;) I just think as we started pretty much on the same day I want you to do well. I have been jealous of how much you are losing I have only lost small amounts, but it makes me work harder. So you have to get your mojo back :D!


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Hi there Guru, well done on you huge weight loss so far, looks like you are doing a fantastic job, stick with it!
I notice you are seeing a fertiltiy consultant too, so am I , I have been told to loose 2 stone, as well, and I just know they will say another 2, and another 2, and so on until they will do any treatment!
Do you mind sharing your fertility journey with me, so I know what I might expect at my appointment in September?! x


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Only Me you will be in the 14s before you know it! I am trying my hardest to catch you up :D

Hi Carol,

Have you met your consultant already?

I will try and keep this relatively short!

I got married in May '07 and immediately we started to try to conceive. After a year of no luck we went to our GP who sent me for day 3 and day 21 tests (twice) and my husband for sperm analysis. My tests came back borderline - I scored 30 for progesterone which means they are unsure if I ovulate. My husbands sperm results were also poor - low motility and funny shaped sperm heads. I was then referred to a fertility consultant (horrible, nasty woman who spoke to me like I was an idiot child and gave me a very harsh lecture on losing weight) who sent me for an ultra sound on my ovaries and an HSG (v painful procedure in my case!). From that they determined I had cysts on my ovaries. I was sent for surgery and had a laparoscopy to remove them earlier this year - also during the surgery they pumped more dye through my tubes and have determined that those are clear.

I then moved house to a new PCT area. Went to see my new GP who recommended I start Cambridge and was referred to a new fertility consultant (lovely woman, very supportive, very impressed with my efforts to lose weight so far). She has sent me for more day 3 blood tests and my husband for another sperm analysis as it's been a year since the last one.

I am due to go back to see her on October 1st. She has told me that wants to prescribe Clomid as they are so unsure if I actually ovulate, and if that doesn't work she will then refer me for IVF - but that I have to get my BMI down to 35 for Clomid and 30 for IVF. I have told her I will do it by Christmas... she was sceptical but wished me luck.

And that's where we stand so far. How far down the line are you with treatment/referrals?
Heres sending us all stone shifter vibes

Feel like ive been 14 st something for ever .. 5 more pounds and i can see the 13's :D

COME OOOOOOOOON!!!!! grrrrrrr


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I'm with you Guru... I wanna be in the 13's already... I've had enough of the 14s now!!

I have 6lbs left.... I'm usually a slow loser (except for this week)....
Race ya!!??
Guru, you are doing fantasticly well hun. Your losses have been amazing. Keep going hun and the 17's will arrive very shortly. I am waiting for the 16's to arrive- come on. Good luck with the fertility treatment. xx


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Hi Guru
thanks for sharing that, I really


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oops sorry pressed the wrong button!
as I was saying.......................
Thanks for sharing that, I really apprechiate it, I will try and condense my story for you, as its quite long!
I got married in 2003 and had been ttc since 2002, with no luck, was referred to fertlitiy clinic in April 2005, where I had all the usual tests etc, all test came back clear, with the exception of sperm (low mobility and slow swimmers) had hsg (very, very painful) and told to loose weight.
Due to return for follow up appointment in the August, but found out I was pregnant in the July, had baby girl (Abbie) March 2006.
Have been ttc again since March 2007, no luck, had all test again 21 day test showed my levels are only 4, husbands swimmers are low again, and have my first appointment with (new) fertlilty consultant on the 15th September, GP told me I had to loose 2 stone before they would see me, but know they will just send me away to loose more! I saw the consultants "nurse" who took a history from me, about two months ago and she told me (quite matter of factly) that I have scarring of the fallopian tubes (no-one had every told me this!) so have been told to expect an internal scan in September, with a view to another hsg and a possible laparoscopy, not holding out much hope for clomid this time, as "she" (the consultant) apparently likes everyone to be no more than bmi 30, so I am up **** creek!
Trying this as a last resort, to minimise, the humiliation and lectures (why is weight blamed on everything?!!)
But tbh, I was about 2 stone lighter than I am now when I fell pregnant with my daughter, just starting to panic a bit now as I am 38 next year, I know I should be happy with one child, and I really am, I want to give it my best shot for another! x


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Congrats on little Abbie! You may find then that as you lose the weight you fall pregnant naturally again :)

Best of luck, I know some medical professionals are less than sympathic when it comes to weight - I've certainly met my fair share - but now and then you come across one who is really supportive and it really makes all the difference.

I hope you get baby no 2 soon :)


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Thanks hun, and to you too, you have done so well already! Keep going x

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