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Come on Lipotrim, back to your lab

When you think what crisp manufactures do with a few chemical powders, don't you think it’s a poor show that Lipotrim can only come up with 3 shake flavours and a pathetic attempt at Chicken soup??

How about a vegetable or beef soup and some more exotic shake variants.

Banana shakes and Mulligatawny soup for me please.........

Any ideas or suggestions???

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Oh yeah!!!!! Banana shakes....mmmmmmmm.
i lurrve banana shakes *drools*.

i reckon they should try and sort them flapjacks out.at least to make them edible and not taste of gone off gravy powder yuk!!


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The idea of Lipotrim being so restricted is that whilst on this diet it cleanses your palette. Lets face it, theyre not meant to be tasty (although i love the choc shake!!! :heartpump:) and the idea of only having 6options is more than suffice :)

Psychologically proven that too many options are not good for us! :)


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I think that the soup could be made much much better. I mean we are suppose to have 400 calories right? could they not do much better with that. There are lot's of brilliant tasting products that are 300-400 calories. The soup is the only thing we can have as a meal and they have flunked big time on it.
I agree, especially as I only like the strawberry one. Mind you I don't think of it as food, it's more like a medicine. I love the simplicity & results but nobody is going to convince me that they taste nice, although they do seem to improve over time! :rolleyes:

irish molly

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I know they are not meant to taste more ish but God they could at least be palatable. My biggest issue is the fact that it clings to everything, the inside of the beaker, the whisk, the spoon, your mouth. They at least could have made them that they mix up more easily.
i wish there was banana shakes. oh the thoughts of it. haha!
I actually love all 3 shakes. It's a good point summergirl made though for when we go back to eating. I read it in a magazine, the less options you have, the more likely you are to lose/maintain weight!! Bring on the boring food lol
Heh, I quite like the vanilla shakes...but only for the fact that they go down the easiest. That said they tasted weird at first then after 3-4 weeks started to taste like Cadbury's white chocolate!

Personally I'd prefer if they could somehow make them completely tasteless, but then I've been on nothing but Vanilla for the last 6 weeks so like my pharmacist says I must be of an odd individual :p
what tanya said is bang on

Last thing you want is them to be moreish imo
When I watched the DVD and it went on about how these things are designed to be palatable and not tasty I laughed. Perfect way to market a product that tastes so horrible - I wished they'd just state it tastes horrible and that's that rather than work out a flimsy excuse. If it tasted better I don't think I'd want to eat more of it, I would just find it easier to consume the amount I'm meant to.

However, despite my negativity I put up with it 'cos it works. It would be great if they improved the flavour or variety but if I get very desperate I would switch to Exante or Cambridge Diet - both of which are supposed to taste better and have a larger range.

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