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maintaining since June'09
Hiya Shep! ... Just mosied over for a browse ... it IS quiet here isn't it!!!?? Hope you've had a good first day and you manage to keep on track. Saw your other thread about water too .. have you tried sparkling water? I never used to like it but suddenly found it really nice and more of a drink where still water was more like a chore ... if ya see what I mean.

Best of luck!! xx


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Hi Jan still going stong????

1st day went really well, hubby had stew that I made yesterday and I have a beef casserole that I ate with him, apart from missing the dumplings not a lot of difference, mine was a lot smaller and smaller chunks but apart from that not a lot different.

Yeah tried sparkling but I like it with a little flavour might try adding sugar free squash with it might help, If I can get a couple of pints down better than nothing..... but it is sooo cold here at the mo so may have to have it hot so will have to be still for that. Will give anything a go.

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I'm here Shep, effectively starting again from today. Hope day 2 is going well for you. I've just dug out a bottle of sparkling water (2L) and once its gone will refill it and keep it in the fridge and drink at least one bottle full everyday. Just started a new thread about my lent challenge - want to join me?


maintaining since June'09
Yeah a drop of sugar free juice might help.

I'm still maintaining going up a few pounds and then losing them. I'm up about 4 lbs at the mo and being strict to try to get it off.

Hope you're still feeling as positive. Good Luck xx
HI Shep!

I'm lurking a bit at the moment trying to make the decision to start DC or not... its very appealing to me... I've had a mooch round the threads and you seem to be doing v well on it!

Anyway's just thought I'd drop in and say hi to break the quietness!

Angel xx
How did yesterday go Shep? I'd had my 2l of water by just after lunch. Just had my first glass today - off to fill it up again and start the housework - ergh!(the housework not the water)

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