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Hello everyone!
I'm just posting a quick message to say hello to everyone and say that I am making a comeback to Slimming World.

I am 21 years old and started slimming world in 2004 with my Mum, weighing 15.3 lbs. I lost 35lbs in just over a year and then moved to University and put it alllll back on, plus some!

I had a very difficult 3 years at University, lots of personal problems and severe depression. I am now living back at home, have been for 4 weeks and although it improved for about 4 months this year, my depression is back and I am getting worried. I am not saying that being slim is going to make me happy or is the reason for my depression but for the first time ever I cannot bare to look at photographs of my self or my reflection.

SO! I have finally decided that Slimming World is the way forward. I know it works, I loved the meetings and met some amazing people. So i am back! SW is back in my life and I have missed it!!!

Not sure 100% when I am going to the classes as I am currently unemployed so cannot afford it!!!!!!

Sorry for the massive post!!! Hope to hear from some people soon and recieve and give support to some wonderful people :)

Thanks for reading!

Stephi xx
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Heyyyyyy there Steph

Welcome back to SW and MM forum... good luck on your weight loss journey.

Everyone is a really friendly bunch.. no one bites... well maybe the ankles if they get peckish :8855:

Looking forward to reading your posts...

Well done on your first choice of making a change to the rest of your life x


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Well i hear ankles are free on Red days so nibble away!

I just know SW works and need to make a difference to my life! Looking forward to starting my new job and getting to the classes!!! :)

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Hi Steph!(((hug)))

Just saying hi before I hit the sack!SW is the way to go and this site is fab.I go to class.but may stop going in the new etc.Ive lost 36lbs in 18 weeks and not found it hard at all.About your depression,go see your doc,I went to weight management and the doc there told me I would be better at losing weight if I went back on Prozac.Been off for a while.Speak to you again BB:33::26::smiley1842:


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welcome back to sw i am also a rejoiner and i feel its the only way to go