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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Caz can do it, 8 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Well-Known Member

    About to go and see my consultant today after having a break and gaining a good couple of stone. Feeling really nervous but know that cambridge is what I need.

    weight loss to date: 55 lbs
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  3. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Well-Known Member

    Good for you Caz, coming back. Hope you have a successful weightless journey :)

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  4. LizzRob

    LizzRob Well-Known Member

    well done for coming back! I was the same, lost loads in 2009 and then gained a few stone (more than i realised, especially as i quit smoking) and now i'm back to get back to the weight i'm supposed to be. Keep motivated and distracted and you'll be fine :)
  5. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I've almost completed day one.

    I asked my consultant not to tell me what I weighed on the scales until next week. As hoping that by next week ill be a stone lighter!

    weight loss to date: 55 lbs
  6. GingerJV

    GingerJV Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your new another beginning!! may the force be with you!;-))
  7. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Well-Known Member

    Woohoo! First weigh in back on cambridge lost 12 lbs! Happy days!

    weight loss to date: 55 lbs
  8. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    12lbs wow, that's fantastic, well done you must be thrilled. I'm a returner also, day 5 and alls good so far. Good luck to you. X
  9. scobyboo

    scobyboo Well-Known Member

    Wow well done Caz, that is amazing :clap:
  10. Clairelew2304

    Clairelew2304 New Member

    Returning to the Cambridge diet after 2 years had a baby and piled the weight on... 4 st to be precise.. Really need someone to be support! Good luck to you all
  11. purpleflower

    purpleflower Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone
    I am also a returner. Just about to finish my first week back on cambridge. Great thing is I'm not hungry ;)

    I have converted from dukan diet which I had a go at for 3 weeks but didn't think it was worth the lower weight loss 10lb in 3 weeks
  12. MsJH

    MsJH Well-Known Member

    Hi Claire, I'm on day 7 today of SS it's been a tough week but so worth it. I weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed il be delighted if I'm 7 Ibs down. But if you need support or just a chat just shout.
  13. purpleflower

    purpleflower Well-Known Member

    Morning all, well my weigh in this morning brought a 4lb loss. Am pleased with that as I know it is all fat loss. Hooray ! Feeling totally committed ,motivated and in the "zone". Hope everyone else is doing well
  14. MsJH

    MsJH Well-Known Member

    Hey well done such a great result! Well done! It's not easy believe me I know. Keep it up as you said in the Zone it's so important!

    I'm -9Ibs today after week one delighted with that!
  15. purpleflower

    purpleflower Well-Known Member

    Fabulous well done !
    Last edited: 15 September 2014
  16. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    I'm letting the team down. Went to a birthday meal on Friday night followed by a wedding on Saturday. Not stopped eating yet!!!

    Anne xx
  17. MsJH

    MsJH Well-Known Member

    Not at all Anne get right back on it. Xx
  18. purpleflower

    purpleflower Well-Known Member

    Anne don't worry about what has been , concentrate on the what can/will be. You can do it!
  19. JayKay19

    JayKay19 Well-Known Member

    Im also a returner!! 7lb down in my first week!! Love the support here xx
  20. MsJH

    MsJH Well-Known Member

    Hi Jaykay,

    Welcome and well done on your loss fantastic are you doing sole source?
  21. JayKay19

    JayKay19 Well-Known Member

    No I'm doing step 2... Small meal and milk allowance xx

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