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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Caz can do it, 8 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Full Member

    About to go and see my consultant today after having a break and gaining a good couple of stone. Feeling really nervous but know that cambridge is what I need.

    weight loss to date: 55 lbs
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  3. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Full Member

    Good for you Caz, coming back. Hope you have a successful weightless journey :)

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  4. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    well done for coming back! I was the same, lost loads in 2009 and then gained a few stone (more than i realised, especially as i quit smoking) and now i'm back to get back to the weight i'm supposed to be. Keep motivated and distracted and you'll be fine :)
  5. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Full Member

    Thank you. I've almost completed day one.

    I asked my consultant not to tell me what I weighed on the scales until next week. As hoping that by next week ill be a stone lighter!

    weight loss to date: 55 lbs
  6. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Good luck with your new another beginning!! may the force be with you!;-))
  7. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Full Member

    Woohoo! First weigh in back on cambridge lost 12 lbs! Happy days!

    weight loss to date: 55 lbs
  8. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    12lbs wow, that's fantastic, well done you must be thrilled. I'm a returner also, day 5 and alls good so far. Good luck to you. X
  9. scobyboo

    scobyboo Full Member

    Wow well done Caz, that is amazing :clap:
  10. Clairelew2304

    Clairelew2304 New Member

    Returning to the Cambridge diet after 2 years had a baby and piled the weight on... 4 st to be precise.. Really need someone to be support! Good luck to you all
  11. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Hi everyone
    I am also a returner. Just about to finish my first week back on cambridge. Great thing is I'm not hungry ;)

    I have converted from dukan diet which I had a go at for 3 weeks but didn't think it was worth the lower weight loss 10lb in 3 weeks
  12. MsJH

    MsJH Member

    Hi Claire, I'm on day 7 today of SS it's been a tough week but so worth it. I weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed il be delighted if I'm 7 Ibs down. But if you need support or just a chat just shout.
  13. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Morning all, well my weigh in this morning brought a 4lb loss. Am pleased with that as I know it is all fat loss. Hooray ! Feeling totally committed ,motivated and in the "zone". Hope everyone else is doing well
  14. MsJH

    MsJH Member

    Hey well done such a great result! Well done! It's not easy believe me I know. Keep it up as you said in the Zone it's so important!

    I'm -9Ibs today after week one delighted with that!
  15. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Fabulous well done !
    Last edited: 15 September 2014
  16. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    I'm letting the team down. Went to a birthday meal on Friday night followed by a wedding on Saturday. Not stopped eating yet!!!

    Anne xx
  17. MsJH

    MsJH Member

    Not at all Anne get right back on it. Xx
  18. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Anne don't worry about what has been , concentrate on the what can/will be. You can do it!
  19. JayKay19

    JayKay19 Full Member

    Im also a returner!! 7lb down in my first week!! Love the support here xx
  20. MsJH

    MsJH Member

    Hi Jaykay,

    Welcome and well done on your loss fantastic are you doing sole source?
  21. JayKay19

    JayKay19 Full Member

    No I'm doing step 2... Small meal and milk allowance xx

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