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Coming out of lurking because I'm really upset!


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Firstly hello everyone!
I've been lurking on here some time and found all your posts have really spurred me on so thank you very much :)

I started exante exactly two weeks ago now after reading about it on here, I'd been interested in doing a food replacement diet for a while but thought they were all really expensive until I found exante.

Apart from a rather horrible first few days I've been surprised at how 'easy' it is and feel I'm really benefiting from not having to worry about food at all!

However, and here's where the trouble starts, on day 7 I decided to buy some scales so I could monitor by progress and see how well I've been doing. I had my second weigh in today and I have gained 1 lb!

I'm so disheartened now as I haven't cheated or anything and thought I was doing really well :confused: I don't see how it's even possible to gain weight when you're only eating 600 calories a day! From using scales at a friend's house I think I lost approximately 7 lbs in the first week which I was delighted with but now I'm just thinking what's the point!

Anyway I just needed to vent, thanks for reading :)
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do not scale hop, stick to one set, same time of day and same clothes if poss. that really is the only way to get a true loss. i was a serial hopper and had to get rid of my wii as my weight would set my mood for the day. as you say its impossible to not lose on 600kcals per day just stick with it as it cant not work. take care xx


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if this is the first time you have used these scales honey, then that would account for the difference in the weights x


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ALWAYS use the same scales. You will get yourself in a right pickle if you scale-hop x


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Hey isabee, it's the scales don't fret, shame you didn't have them before.

It's impossible to not lose on this diet, google BMR Calculator, it works out how many calories you'd need to eat to stay the same weight if you just lay in bed all day. Mine shows 1894 so to only get six hundred and then do all the housework, up and down stairs sort my 5 year old and my 11 week old, you've got to lose.

Also my parents scales show a 11 pound difference to mine, bet you could buy scales all the same brand and they'd be different. cross off your "gain" and use your new scales now. How do your clothes feel???? remember in the end, scales are for fish, it's how you feel and look.xx


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 25 Loss: 1st6lb(11.43%)
Thanks for your replies everyone :)

But it was the same scales, the new ones I bought, at the same time and everything.

I guess I just need to try my best not to get disheartened and stick at it then hopefully I'll have a better result next week :)


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I am guessing you are female, could totm be on its way? As that could explain it?? x


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If you have stuck to the diet the weightloss will catch up with the scales at some point....it is disheartening but dont be put off hn your doing great so far xx


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Hang in there - it could just be a daily water gain. Next week you will have lost loads (I bet yah!!).


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Even though you used the same brand of scales, the new set will be calibrated differently to your friend because of the difference in use. I believe that to be correct. Hope that helped.
Take the weight that your scales have given you and take some measurements because some weeks you may have smaller losses but loose inches! Chin up and carry on! x


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I had a couple of weeks ago where I lost 9lb, and then the following week I lost 0lb, and I followed the same throughout, it's really weird, but overall it does work. I hope you can keep your spirits up, and I'm sure you'll show a good loss again soon. xx


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you need to give it a week or two and go by your weight loss on your new scales, chances are thats all it is just using two different scales.