comments and opinions required please


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so, i have returned to SW and decided to do it at home as i didnt really gel with the local consultant, and never really found her inspiring.

when i was previously at class, the area manager was recruiting for new consultants, and she has now been in touch again as my local lady has quit

now as you can see, i am a looooong way from goal and would some others views on 2 things.

1. would you be more inspired by a consultant who is on the journey with you, or one who has reached goal?

2. any advice/info from someone who has done the consultant thing as to how hard/easy it is to do?

thanks in advance
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Am pretty sure you have to have reached your target to become a consultant. Could be wrong but that's the impression I got.


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No you don't have to be at target, I looked into it a few years ago before I got to target. I never did it as for me the initial outlay vs what you got back per person at class just wasnt enough.

Anyway, lots of consultants are overweight - I guess because of the initial outlay thing meaning SW can't control what happens if u gai weight as u own the franchise.
It disheartens me when consultants don't practice what they preach. I would have no problem with a consultant a million mikes from target as long as they were doing the diet too.
My consultAnt is lovely...but I often find her 'stick to it and it will work' pep talks hard to swallow as she obviously isn't following the diet at all.

So, if you want to do it and can afford it I reckon you should go for it!


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hi hun i used to go to class but then my car broke down so i couldn't get there, there is a local class 2 mins walk from my house but i do not like the consultant so i am going it alone with the help of minimins :D and i have to say i get more support from here good luck :)


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Well my consultant is lovely, maybe a bit of an air head at times but she does make us all laugh.

She hasnt reached her target, as over Christmas she and her two helpers were having a little competition between themselves.

I think the fact that she is a curvy lady makes me feel that she is someone I can relate to. The main thing is she knows her stuff, she can tell you where you may be going wrong or if you need to tweek something to help things shift a bit.

She is just a genuine person and I really like going to group because of that :D

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My amazing Consultant hit her 4 stone loss this week having been back 'in the zone' since September last year - she has done so well. Now I've been going to her class since October '09 and I think she is brilliant but by her own admission life got in the way and she wasn't 'practicing what she preached', she is now and is just a true inspiration - I'm so proud of her and she looks amazing!

I've done SW before (a few years ago) and the C just didn't inspire me, so I did'nt last long doing it. Now even though I've struggled to get back on plan since last Oct, I haven't once missed class because of my C, I've just lost and gained the same few pounds and I know I'm back on track and ready to get to target now because of hers (and the groups) continuing support xxx


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Personally I think its quite demotivating having somebody who isn't at target, but at least if they are trying. I had a consultant who was overweight and didn't even try to lose it; it therefore got very annoying when she would give us tips. She didn't talk about exercise at all. Another consultant i had was still losing but he'd done so well so far and was a lot more motivating!


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Our consultant is very much 'on her journey' but I think it makes her much more sympathetic. That is not to say she takes anyone's bull about, 'I only ate a bit of cheese dip, how come I put on 3lbs', or 'I am not eating enough, that's why I put on...'.
I have been to WW before and the consultants there have been a bit to sanctimonious for me :-s


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I don't go to class but wouldn't mind a consultant not at target - as long as they were well on the way and had a lot of experience of the ups and downs of being on 'the journey'. There are plenty of people on here who are inspiring without being at target so I wouldn't say it's essential.


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i think it is great that slimming world consultants do not have to be at target as they can really relate to the issues that their group encounter. They seem so much more human, my consultant still attends a neighboring group and lets us know how she is getting on good or bad. like many others i used to attend WW meetings and found the leaders unsympathetic when you were struggling and needed support. Maybe this is because sometimes they reached their goal a long time ago and are out of touch. at least SW consultants are following the plan and are able to support their group.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do.


For me personally I would have no problems with consultant not been at target as long as they were putting as much effort into losing weight as I was (get the feeling some people don't practice what they preach) it's motivating to see how someone has lost the weight with the plan but it would be just as motivating to me to share the journey x :) x


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I have been to an opportunity day this week that I was invited to. We were told you do not need to be at target but on your journey and with a determination to get to your goal weight. :)

I am not taking it further at this stage but it was very interesting and an insight into what is expected.


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I would prefer a consultant who had reached target and was maintaining - I have to admit I'm a bit surprised that consultants don't have to be at their target weight. For me, the consultant should be able to demonstrate that the diet works - and works long-term.

Sorry to be a bit of a cynic, but I don't think that someone telling me that they were determined to get to their goal weight would be as motivational to me as seeing someone who'd already got there - I've been determined lots of times and have still fallen off the wagon at all attempts to date (though hope springs eternal!)

But I don't mean to be a downer - I'm sure that I could very quickly get used to a consultant who wasn't at goal if s/he was helpful and supportive.


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I think I'd have more respect for someone who had lost a good chunk of weight, to someone who had only lost a bit. So if someone had lost 4 stone, but was still on their way to target might have a better understanding of the ups and downs of the plan to someone who had lost a stone to get to target.

That said I think it comes down more to what the consultants do and say in class, if they don't know the plan well and can't answer questions with informed responses then it doesn't matter if they're at target or not!


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I went to a woman of the year district final last year and found that quite a lot of the consultants were larger ladies. My own consultant is at target and maintaining- and has been for 4 years- but I wouldn't have a problem with going to a group with an overweight consultant - after all, you don't have to set target at a healthy BMI and who is to know how big they were before?

Really, as long as they deliver the plan and the support well, I don't think it would matter to me a bit. If they were sat there taking the fees gobbling down pie and chips then I might think twice - but I wouldn't base my judgement of them as a consultant based on what I think of their body shape.