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comparison exante v cambridge for taste?

Heaven can wait

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I Have in the past done both Lighter Life and Cambridge with good success but find them very expensive and with the current cash crisis blah blah we all know about it dont we? Well to cut a long story short I was thinking of starting Exante because they have a good deal on at the moment, and I wondered could anyone who has experience of Exante and another VLCD please tell me how they compare flavour wise?
I have tried W8 and hated thier shakes found them flavourless, I tried two of the Celebrity Slim shakes and found them very well erm... MILKY I know that dosent make sense after all they are MILK shakes! but just like drinking that powdered milk Marvel YUK.
Cambridge and LL shakes actually have a strong taste of what they are suppose to be, albeit not everyone likes the taste, but strangely I grew to really like them.
I would appreciate any help anyone can give as it a lot of money to waste isnt it?
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I have only tried that LL shakes and bars. I prefer the exante shakes and soups. They seem creamier. However the bars are not as tasty as the LL ones. As the offer with exante is so good I would give it a go. Order one month and see how you get on. Let us know what you decide. Good luck!!


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I was on CD but came to Exante due to $$$ :sigh:
But I can say exante shakes are nothing like CD, in fact i will go so far to say they are VILE :eek:
BUT, on the up side they are so bland and unsweetened they actually help... I had a really sweet tooth and always craved choclate, that has now eased massivley :D
So between CD and Exante, i think i would go with Exante, not due to money, but as i believe the taste is reprogramming my tastebuds ;)


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Iv not tried any exante yet (getting stuff tomorrow ) but I'm hoping there nice, as i was one of the very few that HATED cd shakes and soups and bars i really HATED them lol. i could only drink the Choc velvet tetra and that was it :D

i did it though and lost 4 stone with them ..

But that goes to show everybody is different. i feel sick (genuinely do )at the thought if having to have anything from cd again (the flavours were too salty or too sweet and no mater what i did they all tasted powdery )

So whats good for one might not be for others ,but i really hope that what iv read about exante is true lol, as don't think ill handle having to have stuff i hate again lol


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I've never tasted CD, but I vastly prefer the shakes on Exante. They do have less flavour, but they taste more natural, more like real milk and not like rancid Marvel milk like LL.

Both lots of bars are pretty cardboardy, but nice and filling.

Apart from the Thai Chicken, I find the soups utterly revolting on both plans, I'm wondering what the heck im going to do with to 20odd I still have, as I have to mask the taste will all kinds of herbs/tabasco/entire content of spice rack. And then I gulp them.

I'd say if you have a problem with 'blandness' and milkiness you'd perhaps not like the Exante shakes.

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Has anyone managed to "mask" the milky taste? I've just purchased the special offer on Exante and am a little worried because i had to replace most dairy products with soy products cause i can't stomach the taste of milk and cheese, i don't eat milk, cheese of any sort apart from mozzarella, yoghurt of any sort apart from soy and usually avoid anything with cream, but i do eat chocolate, ice cream, butter and occasionally put a bit of cream in my coffee as i like the velvety taste and the coffee i have is so strong it usually masks the flavour..... So any ideas on how to make the shakes taste less milky would be fab! Thanks :)

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personally I find them more 'creamy' than milky, and for that I throw in sweetner and extra water. It's a bit like using a flavour to mask another flavour, but it just about works.

Heaven can wait

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thats a great help thanks everyone who replied. managed to buy a few Exante on the old Ebay so I can try before i commit to 4 weeks worth. I think all the Diets shold have a little cheap sample size assortment for people to try, as its soo expensive a mistake to make. HAving said that I want keen on either LL or CD shakes at first either but you kinda get used to them, I went from downing them holding my nose like medicine to really liking them .. weird isnt it? I think taste buds change a lot while doing any of these plans and I would hate something one week then quite like it another week and vice versa. I know one thing you really taste things once you start to eat again , I remember how good even a piece of lettuce tasted after 16 weeks on LL . Lol!
What did you think of the Exante ones you tried?


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CD is more flavoursome but Exante is more filling. I haven't battled with hunger on Exante in the way that I did on CD. When I make up the shakes and soups, I add more water and so they go further and I feel more satisfied. I find the bars yummy - it's a real treat when I find a raisin in the toffee, nut & raisin bar and the choc-orange is a sweet delight.
Keeping them in the fridge is working well for me.


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I have done LL, CD and now Exante and personally I prefer exante. I find the shakes much more filling, thicker and creamier! There is slightly more calories which for me who works a lot is better and healthier but provides the same weight loss!

Everyone is different though and you need to find a diet that suits your taste buds, after all you will be the one sticking to it for 12weeks etc.

Be careful with purchasing from Ebay, you cant guarantee they are the genuine product. There is a sticky about ebay products on this forum.

Hope this helps!