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Complete NEWBIE :) no specific diet, need motivation

Hi everyone

Firstly, can I just say how massively impressed I am by all the 'before' and 'after' pictures on this site - amazing!

I'm totally new to this and have never really dieted before. I'm 23, 5'2 and I think I'm around 16stone (or just below). I can't quite believe I'm as big as I am, I'm a bit shocked at myself. I recorded a short video of myself the other day (naively thinking I might look better than I thought) but looked so much WORSE than I ever imagined! I think it's because I'm short it looks so much worse but it's awful! I look like a flesh coloured Michelin Man and had to watch the video a few times for it to sink in.

I want to get down to 9 stone (eventually) but am finding the thought of losing all that weight a bit impossible right now. The weight just seems to have crept on without me noticing and all of a sudden I've realised my clothes don't fit properly any more or I have to really squeeze myself into them.

Has any one else had this kind of realisation moment? How did you cope with it? How did you start on your weight loss journey?

Any advise is much appreciated, thanks!
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Hello, I am new here too!

I dont really have a diet to follow either, just healthy eating.

I was wondering do you want to be my diet buddy, I need someone to push me to go and exercise and not to eat the chocolate bar in fridge.
I also want to lose a lot of weight, I have got comfortable with my partner and not really thought about the food i ate untill we wanted a baby and are struggling to get pregnant, so doctors advise is lose weight!!!

Easier said than done for me, I start the weeks really well then everything goes belly up when I have a bad day! So need someone to talk to you to help me, as I work alone and all my friends are either pregnant or skinny!!

well good luck and speak soon maybe.

I'm more than happy to b ur diet buddy :) I think I need all the support I can get. I've already had a blip - I had to guess my weight at the time I joined this site because I don't have scales, so today my mum brought over some digital scales which said I'm 16 stone 5 pounds!!!! OMG I could of died, that's far too big and even worse than I even thought possible lol I moved the scales around the flat to see if I could wrangle a lower weight reading but had no luck :( need to accept I'm this size and that's that!

How's your day been? Any blips? :)
Hey Sammy, welcome to minis.

If you want to get from 16 to 9 stones but are a bit 'eeeekk' at the number you have to lose then just take it one stone at a time. Smaller goals make things seem alot more achievable.

I've tried soooo many times to lose weight and do really well but then end up putting all the weight on plus more.
This time I want the weight gone quickly and I will deal with maintaining afterwards, so I am doing exante which is a TFR diet.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do. x
Thanks Irene :)

Blue Butterfly I've always seemed to go up and down too - normally anything between 12 and 14 stone which is why this huge weight gain has been such a shock. Going just one stone at a time does seem like it's going to be a lot easier - thanks! But I know it's going to be such a long, hard slog, I'm worried I'm going to give up :( I just need to keep in mind that if I ever want to be fit and 'normal' sized then I've got to keep at it! Best of luck with your weight loss, let me know how you get on :)

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