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completely ashamed of myself

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I can't believe myself....and I need to post this to admit my feelings. My OH is going to be away next week and this happens almost never. And now I am looking forward to him being gone just so I can comfort eat. I have already thought of what I am going to eat and I just feel like a complete failure. But at the same time I am actually excited about it so I am feeling good and guilty at the same time. I need to stop this cycle of bingeing but I enjoy it so much it is hard to stop.

How sick am I to be looking forward to a pizza and Ben and Jerry's and messing up my diet because of it....what the hell is wrong with me? Food should be my enemy not my friend
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sounds like you eat to fill the feeling you have when your OH is away - try to count these treats into your points or each time u want to reach for a snack ring your OH or a friend :) or come on ere and u'll soon forget hehe


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Have been there myself in the past. I used to enjoy planning the binge, but try and remember the feeling you have after the binge - not good at all. Feelings of guilt, shame and lack of control.

The fact that you are aware of these thoughts and plans is really positive, it shows that you are thinking about your actions which is half way to changing them Whatever and however much you eat will not change anything, your oh will still be away you will still miss him only will also have the bad feelings that follow a binge to deal with too.

Like mummy says if you feel the need to comfort eat get on here and offload, maybe plan some things to do to distract you from comfort eating. Sometimes if you can get through the first 30 mins of wanting to binge the urge goes away. Make a list of things you enjoy doing that last about 30 mins and see if that helps. Whatever happens do not feel ashamed of yourself, this is a learning experience and you can get through this and.

Good luck and be kind to yourself


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As above! Also you need to plan something for you to do :) Can you not go swimming? walking? To an excercise class? just to give you the same hormonal release the food would :)
Dont do it!!! If you do, not only will you feel miserable cos hes away but youll feel even worse cos youve binged. If you go through with it youll undo all the good work youve done this week

Dont even buy the ice cream. Set yourself a challenge, and treat yourself to something nice (not food) at the end of the week if you avoid the binge.

The fact its so preplanned almost sounds as if its not comfort eating but maybe more of an excuse to binge. Ive always found comfort eating a really emotionally generated thing and pretty much spontaneous.


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Food shouldn't be your enemy it really should be your friend, one that fuels your body to do the things you need to do.

I have struggled with eating disorders throughout my life. Binge eat being the main problem (though have been through the 2 main ones too)

My psychotherapist said to me it was ok to binge BUT I must eat at a table with cutlery and plate/bowl no matter what the food. By the time you've gone to the cutlery draw to the freezer to grab the ben & jerries and sat down at the table you think actually this isn't quite right, when your sat with 12 packets of crisps on the table you think damn whereas if you grab one packet munch whilst watching the telly stick the packet in the bin whilst grabbing another you don't realise how many packets you ate til you've finished the multi-pack.

Try and come and chat to us whenever you feel the urge to binge, maybe we can help get you through the time your OH is away xxx
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I've done this. I did a 'planned binge' on Monday and I felt like rubbish afterwards, just like I knew I would. The best advice I can give is when you feel the binge coming on go do something, anything to take your mind off of it. Go for a walk (but don't go past any shops if possible) or come online and chat away the urge to binge. Find something that will stop you binging.


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I agree with starlight, this isn't comfort eating because you aren't doing it in response to an emotion. I have done this too, in fact I was known to convince my hubby to take the dog out for a walk just so I could binge :-( How bads that!!!

I like the idea of an incentive. Also maybe try cooking a low fat version of what you fancy? And buy in some frozen yoghurt if you really fancy it?
Maybe if you havent ask your GP if you can talk to a counsellor as to see why you need to binge? You already know how bad you'll feel afterwards so maybe hang onto that thought the afterwards,also picture how proud you'll be on the following weigh-in if you dont binge? Or how bad you'll feel if you do binge and gain?
I always think why go of plan for a day and undo 6 days good work? Its working atm.
I comfort eat dont binge but I know how cross I feel when I eat for emotional sake.

Well done for coming here and seeking help,that takes more strenght than you realise you have and that strenght can get you past this want to binge ..........xx


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I can relate to this, you spend all week under watchful eyes, then you have a chance to be your own person and you do naughty things.

Think about why you are on your diet? Me, I want a nice body to show off. Think about the goal you're aiming for, the diet has got to be worth it or you wouldnt even be on this forum let alone working hard at your diet!

What about having one day, friday example. Save 1 or 2 points all week until the friday and blow them on whatever you want! this way you can reward yourself for being good all week and no one will know :D it's much nicer when you have looked forward to it, and more rewarding when you know you have been 'good' to have it.

Or.. save the points until your OH is back and have a lovely meal out together? :)
S: 14st13lb C: 14st10lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st3lb(1.44%)
Hi all,

Ok I have decided it isn't worth it. it was MY decision to start dieting so I should see this decision through. I will order a pizza on Monday night but I will only have 3 slices and save the rest for the next day. Not the healthiest option two days in a row, I know, but perhaps I need to do this step by step. Rather than eating a whole pizza and a tub of ice cream I will limit it to 3 slices and no ice cream. I guess that is better even if it means eating the pizza the next day as well. What do you think?

Arrr I wish this wasnt so hard!!
I know you really want this pizza and well done for thinking it through and ditching the planned icecream BUT maybe you could make yourself a pizza add more veg to make it look bigger this way you can count the points take your mind off the icecream and enjoy?
Why not have a lf pizza and lf icecream with saving points?
Do you feel its your OH going away thats making you want this food or like said that you have no one to watch you?
Would you mind me asking ? Are you doing this for you?
Also do you see this as a plan for life or just to goal? xx


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oh hunny I feel your pain

Hubby worked away for the past 2 1/2 years and I would be good all weekend then eat whatever all week:(

The result was me at 14st 10lb! Hence why I started on my journey!

If you feel like a pizza, make one:), stick the radio one, have a dance, by the time you have chopped up all your veggies you will feel better! I had hm pizza on WW wraps, I had 2 with mozzarela for only 7 pt's with a huge amount of veg and it was really filling! Hubby and and kids ate a frozen one (they didn't want mine:() and it was about 7pts a slice:eek:

If all else fails, come on here, we are here for you xxx


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Hmmm. It's hard to know what to say really. Personally if I ordered a pizza and told myself I was going to eat 3 slices....I'd end up eating the whole thing! Given that you're a bit worried about your willpower - I think you could be just setting yourself up to fail by expecting to be able to resist!

You are the one in control of your binge/comfort eating. The best way to manage feelings like this is to do exactly what you're doing - which is recognise them for what they are and plan in advance. But it may be best for you to plan in some treats that you can have within the plan? Like save some points now and get yourself something tasty? Or buy yourself a chocolate bar and use that as your 'treat' instead?

Planning is key in making sure you avoid binge eating - if you are careful, you can manage this :)

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