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Completely lost my way


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I have no will power! I took my scales round to my mums a few weeks ago so I wouldn't keep weighing myself about 6 times a day (at least, not kidding). I had tried really hard that week and only lost half a pound and was gutted. Since then I have been trying half heartedly, I doubt I've even had one good day. I didn't go to class last week because I know I've put on but I don't know how much and that is making it worse. I'm dreading going back to class.

I just feel awful, I'm huge and withdrawing from hubby because I feel how on earth could he fancy me. I'm only 5ft so it looks a lot worse too. This is getting to him because he always tells me I look great but i don't believe him. Whenever we dtd I feel I can't let go because my arse is wobbling etc, I don't like him touching my belly, basically I'm so depressed about this and I know I need to do it, but can't.

I'm 30 at the end of september and i still have 3.5 stone to lose at least. I wanted to look fab but I can't see me doing it. My mum loves the fact that I'm bigger than her for the first time ever and keeps telling me that she is 10 stone and feels big, so that makes me feel bloody enormous!

Someone give me a kick up the bum please.
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AWW hun i have been in exaclty the same place as you at the beginning of the year. Im 30 in May grr and im 5"4 and at the time 16st4 im now 15st1 and working to target.
Im not uncomfortable when i dtd because i think sod it! he obviously wants you to dtd in the first place!
There is nothing worse than to be stuck in a rut, my TOM is due and to be honest i could eat a scabby horse,,, im the same every month and i always gain or stay the same because i retain so much fluid.
You have done the right thing so far by coming onto the site and telling us why you want to lose weight, its just getting you in the mood.
Firstly i would stick a picture of you on the fridge, ive got a hideous picture on mine and its held down by a pig magnet because everytime i look at it, it reminds me how Sh*t i felt in January and i so never want to be in that place again.
Write down everything you eat, if your hungry, nibble on some free food.
READ AND READ AND READ AND READ you SW book, keep it in your hand bag and refer to it all the time.
Join our excercise challenge as i have found it is keeping me motivated and off the naughty food.Drink at least 4 pints of fluid a day,, water/low cal squash.

Once you start losing hun and you see the weight droping off, it will keep you motivated.
Look at my weight loss log at the bottom, for 2 weeks i stayed the same but i couldnt give up, i stuck at it wrote everything down and the following week i lost 5 1/2lbs!. I didnt do anything different, it was just my body being bloody awkward!.

Now chin up read your book tonight and start a fresh tomorrow.
Come on here do a daily diary and food menu and we will all help you i promise.
I look forward to your weeks log.

Now get to it mrs!
Ruthy xxx


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Wow most of that was like reading about myself! I too have no will power and frequently need a kick up the arse. If you have a bad day, draw a line under it and start again the next day. Don't let one day screw up the rest of your week. And don't miss weigh ins. I got into that habit a few years ago and it doesn't do any favours. Don't be afraid of the SW scales, once you have put it on you will then lose it the next week. Keep your chin up and draw on the support on here x


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It's far better to go to class rather than pretending and not facing the truth. It will giv you something to work on. Aim for 1 good day at a time and be pleased when at the end of the day you have had a good day.

You can do it

Irene xx


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Hi Rolo
Sorry you are feeling the way you are at the moment.
You have done so well in the last few weeks, noticed the weeks you gain are 4 weeks apart TOTM?
Like you I jumped on the scales every day - then read somewhere that you probably only notice a result after a week, with me if I had gained I could give up or if I did well I got complacent. Still jump on the scales about twice a week though.:eek:
Tonight I would have a small glass or 2 of wine (I use my syns for this Fri- Sun).
Don't give up starting tomorrow is Day 1 for you. Try and make a weeks list of menu's - varied ( I was eating the same breakfast, lunches etc and got a bit bored). I could help with suggestions for green days as a veggie if this would help. What about trying walking the lighter nights are coming.
It has taken me 11 months to lose a stone and I would like to lose approximately the same again? I must admit I knew it is the right plan for me and I am sure you do as well.
Can you tell your mum she is not helping? Do you have that kind of relationship?
Hope this helps. Can't get the extra smilies to work otherwise one would be the 'Hugs' one.
Do you have anyone you can go to class with and support you - it does help.
Hope this helps and keep in touch.


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I used to avoid class when I knew I'd been bad then I realised something:

If I had been bad and put on 3lb but missed the WI, then lost 2lb the next week then the scales would still say I'd PUT ON 1lb.

However if I put on 3lb and went to class, the following week the 2lb loss would actually show as a loss and I would feel a million times better for it.

Seriously x


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Thanks everyone, i will start afresh tomorrow and try to stick to it. Still dreading weigh in because even if I'm good for the rest of the week I know I will have gained, but I will try to prepare for that and not think "sod it" and reach for the pizza and lager.

I'm sick of what I'm eating on the diet too so will try out some new things. I tried meat loaf and meatballs but even though I used extra lean mince it was swimming i fat and looked disgusting. I'll try it with quorn (even though I'm not keen) at least it wont have fat swimming on top.

I must have missed the exercise challenge, can anyone post me a link.

Roz x


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Sorry, me again!

I know it's probably frowned upon but I always have a 'fat day' the day after WI (Thursday after my Wednesday WI) and then am stricter for the rest of the week. I find this one day where I eat what I like takes away the feeling that I can NEVER eat what I like and helps me to get through the week, also gives me something to look forward to after weigh in.

May not work for everyone but might be worth a try. I would be interested to see other peoples views on this x


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Thanks Irene, no my relationship is strained with my mum. We have only just started talking again (well 6 months) after a year long feud. Everyone else joins in with the weight talk and seeing as I have 3 teenage sisters, all a size 8 and bloody gorgeous it's not helping. I might try to say something though. I do go to class with a mate and the competition was helping.

Taz, the trouble is i do have a fat day or three, I think i need to break out of that habit. My main problem is that I like a drink and thats lager, the worst drink there is. This all started after my dad died suddenly so i know my triggers because then I tend to get the munchies and eat cheese etc. I know I use this as a reward after a long day and the kids are in bed and it's 1 I need to break.

Thanks for your replies I'll try harder.


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S: 11st5lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st11lb(6.92%)
Rolo - A litlle tip - I was a cheese junkie so if I have cheese in the fridge that I like I cut into 1oz cubes and freeze it and then I am not tempted.:eek: Maybe not a good idea to approach you mum then again maybe she does not realise that it is upsetting you what she says?
Taz - I know people at my class who go to the chippy on the way home after weigh in - I tend to have several treats maybe a large glass of wine depends on how I feel and then of course you don't put that on your daily sheet as you have been weighed and the following day is a completely new week.:p
Just off to do my 6 minutes on my ab trainer, then a nice long soak and a large glass of wine which was 'my easter egg';)


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
The nature of my job put the brakes on my alcohol consumption so that is no longer an issue with me but chocolate is! I actually didn't have ANY easter eggs this year so I've not been too bad today!

I love the cheese tip, might try that myself as I find it too easy to just cut a piece off without thinking about it. Try it!

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