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Completely ruined it this weekend... Warning - food talk!!

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is doing well??

I've had an absolutely amazing time in London this weekend with my nan. The Lion King was fantastic and if you haven't yet seen it, you really must.

My diet has gone terribly... I've not followed it at all this weekend, but overall calorie consumption was low.. I've been out of ketosis once.

Friday I had a bar (I've banned myself from eating them now because i think they cause more hunger than the usual packs.. and have you seen the amount of cals/carbs in them!?) for breakfast, then a savoury broth on the way down to London... and then a chinese chicken chop suey with boiled rice at night. I couldn't eat all of it.. about half the rice, and most of the chicken but two cans of diet coke and a kitkat afterwards :break_diet:

Saturday morning I was out of ketosis (I checked with the stix) and determined that I had to stick to it. I made porridge before we left. We arrived in Waterloo and I had a black coffee whilst nan had a latte! I didn't eat and had no hunger, but because I wasn't eating, my nan wasn't!!! I'd read that if you stick to minimum cals and low carbs that you'd stay in ketosis, so I had an 8oz sirloin with a salad (that consisted of lettuce and half a tomato!) and on the train back to MK, had 7 or 8 strawberries. I got home and was back in ketosis.

I didn't have anything for breakfast yesterday morning, but we were calling in on my nan's Auntie and her cousins that she hasn't seen for over 20 years at Rugby. She had made a Sunday roast.. so I had one baby roast potato, two slices of beef, a lil cauliflower cheese, a few peas and carrots, a tablespoon of mash and a drop of gravy. I got home and was still very much in ketosis after 5 hours. However, I then completely ruined it by eating a snack sized mars bar and this morning, its the palest of pinks!

So, I've been completely stupid and I'm expecting my weight loss to be rubbish tomorrow night.. although I am 3.5lbs lighter on my scales. If I somehow manage to lose 5lbs this week, I'll be made up as that'll be 21lbs in two weeks.

I'm back with my determined head on that I must stick to it this week (although it is the wedding on Friday :sigh:)

Hope everyone is doing better than I am!!

C xxx
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Well I made the desicion to come off the diet on thursday, had friday, saturday and sunday eating regular food and made the desicion last night to go back on the diet as I was having major mood swings. I WILL gain this week BUT I believe I needed to do what I did to realise how important this is not onlky for my physical health but my mental health too.

Anyway onwards and downwards :D

Emma xXx
Charlielou, ok it was a 'bad' weekend but it's been and gone now and it's no good crying over spilt milk or mars bars, even!

Reading your post it didn't seem to me that you actually enjoyed any of the food you ate but more that you felt guilty afterwards?

I am on lighterlife lite and I am learning a lot about my previous eating habits such as why I used to stuff my face with chocolate throughout the day.

You mentioned that your nan didn't eat because you didn't as if you were justifying why you had to eat. Your nan is an adult and can choose to eat or not for whatever reason but it is YOUR responsibility to yourself to eat or not eat and you cannot be responsible for anyone else regardless of who they are and what they are eating or not eating.

Put this weekend behind you and try and focus ahead and if you are faced with eating food again, try and get into your mind just why you want to eat it, do you really want it, how will it make you feel afterwards- good about yourself or unhappy?

Lighterlife and lighterlife lite are not just about denying food or limiting food intake but are a chance to re-evaluate your reasons for over eating and to understand your past relationship with food so that you can never again be overweight when you come off the plan.

It's a learning process not just a diet and you will have learned from this and know that you didn't feel good about yourself and will now be much stronger from now onwards.

You CAN do it.x
I had a crap weekend too. I don't officially start back to class until Thursday but had been trying to stick to left over packs for the past week. I kind of justified to myself 'it was ok' because i didn't officialy start until the Thursday *sigh*

I sometimes ask myself 'how hard can it possibly be?' to stick to LL. You get a pack at say 8am, 12pm, 4pm & 8pm.... hardly time for me to get hungry but i constantly seem to think about food or go and eat it grrr.

Monday again and i swear this is me on it now for at least the next 3 months. Im sure going back to the class on Thursday will help.

I was surprised to hear you were still in ketosis after eating even just steak & salad. I thought you pretty much came out of ketosis if you came off packs for anything at all.

As others have said, move on and don't get upset or annoyed at yourself for eating. Onwards and upwards. Thanks for coming on here and sharing because sometimes i have eaten at a weekend as i find weekends the hardest, but it's good to hear others find it as difficult as me and we can give each other help and advice x
Ooops there must have been something in the air because I really struggled and licked the buttercream off some b'day cake on sat and nibbled about 10 pretzels over the w/end and licked the knife with peanut butter after doing the sandwiches last night lol! I din't have ketosis breath this morning but it's back again now so not really sure if it's possible to go in and out of ketosis so quick.
As usual fab advice on here which has really helped me and hopefully you CharlieLou!
I love the idet in the week and find it really easy to stick to but finding the w/ends ridiculously hard and it's making me a bit miserable and hard to live with tbh. Oh and having PMT isn't helping!
Hey look! We're all human so don't go beating yourselves up if you've strayed from the plan!

Just think ahead now and try to understand why you strayed and how it made you feel before, during and after. If you can identify the before you can take steps to avoid that situation again. When you were eating something you shouldn't did it taste as nice as the feelings of perhaps guilt or even self loathing? Afterwards, did you really feel better for eating it?

I'm not preaching and as you can see I'm not that long into lighterlife lite and there may come a time when temptation comes to me.
hey ladies,

As always, some really good (and tough talking) advice, and a lot of people in the same boat which really helps.. so thanks St Angelo and everyone else.

Futureyummymummy, well done for getting back on it. And Flossy and Jennifer.. its such a hard plan for socialising and weekends!!!

Maybe I shouldn't admit this but I've done a lot of research over the past week and a half and the reason I stayed in ketosis on Saturday was because I had limited calories and very low carb food (lean griddled sirloin steak, salad and strawberries - and a porridge pack). I intend to use LL as a kickstart (I want to lose 3stone on it) and then go on to a low carb diet because without the carbs, your body continues to burn your fat stores as energy but there are so many foods that you can enjoy (especially if you're a meat eater and like eggs and salad) and it is really easy to socialise on the diet.

Maybe I'm kidding myself but I cannot or may be do not want to live like this for the next 14 weeks, beating myself up about eating actually very little 'normal food' (apart from the mars bar) when still losing 5lbs (or so my scales said tonight!) in 5 days. Weigh in tomorrow night!

Friday is my best friend's sisters wedding and I have decided that I will have a day off again - I will eat only a lil of the food and will drink vodka, blackcurrant and soda.

Its not the way to do it at all and I think people that can follow 100% are amazing. I think I need to use it to my benefit and that's what I intend to do.

I've got back the determination to lose weight I had last January when I weighed 19 and a half stone.. I limited myself to 800 - 1000 cals a day and then had what i wanted on the weekends (within reason) and I lost 3 stone in 4 months. It can be done without these foodpacks but at the moment, they are very convenient and take the organisation of dieting away.

I hope I don't cause any upset to the avid LLers - I guess it will be me that's upset if my plan doesn't work.

C xxx
Morning BL,

Thanks... by Friday, I won't have had alcohol for 4 weeks which is a first for me!

I'll make sure I take it very easy and drink plenty of water inbetween drinks.. I don't think it will take me long before I feel it.

I hope you're good... looking fab in your pic xxxx
I was surprised to hear you were still in ketosis after eating even just steak & salad. I thought you pretty much came out of ketosis if you came off packs for anything at all. [/QUOTE said:
I am doing LLL (3 packs and a meal) I am in ketosis most of the time (when I don't accidentally eat the potatoes out of OH stew!). As long as I don't have carbs, ketosis seems to happen for me. I have heard from my group that some LLLers don't ever reach ketosis.