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Completely Stuck!!! HELP

Hi guys

I haven't been around for a while - a long while in fact! I'm in need of some desperate help!

I rejoined Slimming world 6 weeks ago. first week, lost 4 pounds , nothing the next two weigh ins, then lost a pound and then nothing again. I'm following the diet 100%, exercising 3 times a week (always have done). My consultant says "it's not fair is it". To be honest, no, it's not and i'm paying for this - paying for doing it 100%. I drink minimu 2 litres of water a day too. Anyone got any suggestions or ideas. In theory, with all the exercise i'm doing (I run for min of 15 mins, x 3 times a week plus an hour's other cardio work out machines), it should be coming off at a steady pace. I really am on the verge of giving up.

I've booked myself in on a fitness and weightloss weekend that's being run by the UKs' biggest loser, Jodie Pregner and her trainer that helped her on th tv, Angie Dowds, in the hope that they can help too but that isn't until mid April.

All help, suggestions etc really appreciated.

love loopy xx:cry::mad:
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Might be something really simple.....you could post your food diary on here for us to have a look at and maybe we could spot something you could do differently. It might be that you are just not eating enough along with all the exercise your body feels that it needs to hold on to what it's got?!

Hope we can help someway, let us know how you get on.....stick with it and keep your chin up!! :)
Hi Bumpy

Thanks for replying so quickly.

A general day is: 1oz special k stustain, or 2 weetabix with milk from allowance. Clementine mid morning and sometimes a muller lite.

Lunch: Salad, lettuce, toms, cucumber, peppers and tin of tuna in brine (sometimes, boiled chicken or salmon) muller lite and strawberries and clementime

mid afternoon: another clementine (if hungry a muller too)

Dinner: Similar to lunch, but sometimes with boiled veg and then muller with rasberries and melon.

I have 2 alpen lite bars = 1 healthy b and 1oz cheese and my milk allowance.

I somtimes do green days too. which is usually quorne mince or quorn sausages, mash potatoe veg etc

Boy am i really depressed about this. there is a limit to how long you can keep putting an effort in to all this and not getting anything back in return.

If anyone can spot a mistake or help, please let me know.

love loopy xx


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Seems like a great menu to me....what about syns though? A girl at my group maintained for 3 weeks, then had more syns (she was only having 2-3 a day) and lost the next week!!

Other than that , maybe try something completely different (food wise). Introduce new foods and meals? Try Success Express or Mix and match? These are supposed to be good for people that are nearly at target and struggle with the last few lbs!

xxx :)


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Change somethings around- Dont stick too the same meals each week- This was my biggest problem, i maintained for about 4 weeks once just beacause your body will get used too the same thing day in day out... I'm a vegi and find it hard too vary things

Change things like your healthy B's...
Try some of the reciepes on here... Your find little things can make a big difference...

Your consultant didn't seem much help...

Also when you are having your days they should be clear what they are, you seem too eat alot of super free food (free on both days)... try and get more free food in for you days- On a green day have- pasta/cous cous/ potatoes/ rice etc...

On red days have your meat- not 1 or 2 slices of bacon, 5 or 6... Really get your free food up...

F**k i went on a bit there! :D But i hope i helped... Feel free too message me too if you need too..

Excercise can make you weigh more. Last week I done keep fit 3 times in the week an hour hard workout and put on 1/2 lb:mad:. Saying that other people can and lose so not really sure .


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You may well be losing inches rather than lbs, have you measured yourself? Don't give up :)
Hi Guys

Well, you're not going to believe this!! I've just come back from being weighed. Guess What? I lost 4 pounds!!!:D:) I've not done anything different food wise, other than for the last three days instead of having cereal for breakfast, i've had a muller lite and strawberries - maybe that's it?? Oh and last week I changed my gym routine - so I have two different work outs - and I do them on alternate occasions - 3 to 4 times a week. Other than those two changes, can't think what else it could be! Oh well, I'm a happy happy bunny. Let's hope next week's just as good.

Love Loopy xx
OOOOOOOOOOOOO when i lost my weight in 2003 i remember just swapping my breakfast around i ate a apple and a mullar light on alternate days.......and that week i lost 6lbs............id stayed the same for 12 weeks...........talk about wanting to jump off a cliff! then i got pregnant......hence im back on here again!
Ruthy xxxx