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good morning everyone,
someone payed me a compliment yesterday, and it only now that i can accept it for what i was (if you know what i mean) instead of trying to find a reason for why he said it or what he was after, trying to find a negative for it :sigh:

does anyone else do this or am i the only one as you can maybe tell im not used to this compliment lark :)
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I can never take a compliment.
Like, if someone says 'your hair looks nice' I always reply with a negative like 'oh god, its awful, it needs cutting' (even if it doesn't). I am one of those people that wouldn't step outside if my hair wasn't how I wanted it so, if I am happy with it, why can't I accept that someone else may think its nice too?
Thats just one example.....I am like it with any compliment!
Know what you mean, I think its all down to having a low opinion of myself because of being overweight that when I start to get compliments there is a tendancy to still see myself as how I was and not how I am now. I lost 10 stone in a previous life and had loads of compliments but was never confident enough to accept them for what they were. Regained the weight and the compliments stopped. Think this time I might just try to change my way of thinking and start to like myself a bit more.

You go with the flow honney and accept the compliments, get used to them and enjoy everyone of them xx
I have lost 21lbs so far over a 5 week period. I have really been struggling lately and trying to sabotage it. My friend came into work yesterday and she said how different i look. She has been off for 3 weeks!! She got me to stand up in the office and do a little twirl around. I thought she was taking the micky!! I dont think I look that different but I suppose i should just accept the compliment and enjoy the fact at least someone is starting to notice. :) Enjoy it!!
I agree try and enjoy it if you can.
I do the same though as a mum at the school gates came up to me (who I don't know) and said 'wow you have lost loads and look good.' My reply was 'thanks....but I still have half a stone to go!' Perhaps it is something to do with confidence too:confused:


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hmm, it is hard to take a compliment. If i havent lost weight for a while and someone says "oh you look good have you lost weight" i generally think that they are taking the mickey.


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i like the compliments they spur me on someone told me i was disappearing yesterday and that it was very inspirational and i enjoy it but i think i have come to take compliments alot better as i have got older learning to compliment yourself is a massive battle you have to learn that before you can really accept and believe it from someone else i think but thats just my opinion, either way ladies it's good to remember people don't just say things for the sake of it XXXX

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