Compliments ahoy!


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I just love it when I haven't seen people for a while and they double take and pay fab compliments, makes your head SWELL...
You're looking fit/ great / well
You look soooo much younger.
Life's treating you good, what's the secret?

Just seeing people run their eyes over you and not feeling the need to breathe in.:D

Interested to hear your faves too...
I love compliments, they really help me stick to the diet!!!

Difficult to find a favourite one but my most recent was yesterday when i went into a pub for a drink to meet a friend. Friend was late so i ordered myself a drink and the very cute owner of the bar asked me what i wanted. This is how the conversation went :

Me : What diet drinks do you have?
Him: Diet coke, slimline tonic, appletise.
Me : Can i look at the label on appletise.
Him: Sure.
Me : Don't want that too many calories, diet coke please.
Him: Why are you on a diet, is it a holiday push or something?
Me : No i'm always on a diet, it's a constant battle
Him: Oh right (he gets my drink and i pay)
Him: (hands me my change and says) well whatever you're doing it's working!!

That made my day as i'm 10lbs over target!!!!! He even came outside and chatted to me whilst i was waiting for my friend.

That so would not have happened before LL.