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Composition of your "fat"


What doesn't kill me.....
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Boy it's been dead around here lately. I know you all seem to have lives on the weekends and aren't around (can't say the same for myself!) but it's Tuesday people! (well.. Wednesday early morning for you guys... :8855: )

Anyways! I have a question. Whilst feeling around on my stomach, in areas that I have noticed going down... the fat feels... funny. It's like there are tons of little bumps.. like there are jelly beans in there. Or like how my boobs feel if I am doing a self exam as I have dense breast tissue,( which I have been told is normal and hereditary... my mother does, as does my grandmother).

My stomach is going down in a weird way... mostly on the sides of my belly. Not my actual sides, but the sides of the belly. Not in the front. So the fat that's on the front of my tummy doesn't feel this way.

Is this normal? Am what I feeling is the fat breaking down (unlikely?) What does your "fat" feel like?

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in my dreams!!!!!!
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god, you must be bored lr:8855: i can't say i've ever bothered to check my fat! as soon as i can i cover it up only to be revealed when i go to bed and then to be covered again!:8855:

Little Noo

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im not sure if i can answer your question LR, but i read somewhere that fat can either be wobbly or hard. so some people might have a large beer belly (im thinking esp men) but the fat might be mostly hard and look firm in appearance rather than wobbly like jelly (mmmm... jelly). apparently the hard type of fat is the worst sort for health problems. so perhaps you are going from hard fat into (slightly better for you) soft fat as you lose weight.

im generally just a big wobbly mess so i cant say ive noticed any difference!


What doesn't kill me.....
S: 19st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 3st1lb(16.04%)
Yea, I know there is a different between the hard fat and wobbly fat. My dad had the hard fat... he was a big man... 400 lbs or so.. and if you punched him in the stomach.. nothing budged.

And Yes sparkel.. I was bored! either way the question was still on my mind... I keep poking myself going.. "What was that?!" :8855:

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Lol LR :8855: The only way I can describe my belly is a deflating balloon half filled with jelly ....sounds attractive doesn't it! :8855:A lot more wobbly than it used to be!
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My fat is soft. I can push it in far lol.

This is such a weird conversation topic
S: 14st3lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 3st3lb(22.61%)
One good thing ive noticed is I actually have hips :p
My (.)(.) are also deflating too
Lol! yeah my hips have made their first appearance in years too! My (.)(.) haven't changed much, but they've never been small!

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