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Compulsory work dinners and CD...

I had a compulsory work dinner last night at a fancy restaurant (>£110 pp). I tried so hard to make it work: I didn't have bread, I ordered a starter that looked (and was, I think) pretty much no carb, and had a second starter of scallops as my main. Cheese for afters. My one moment of weakness was a small corner of bread to put my cheese on. I could not have attended and had my shake or eaten nothing. I thought I did pretty well considering. (Oh, and the portions were typically nouvelle cuisine small...) But this morning, my pee stick showed I'm out of ketosis. Do I regret? Kind of, although I don't think I'll gain. But what could I do? In this credit crunch, doing anything weird that makes others uncomfortable at work can see you slated for redundancy. Anyone else had this kind of dilemma recently?

Tonight we have a dinner party to go to. I'm dreading it, but what do you do? I'm planning to avoid the carbs, but it's clearly not sticking to Sole Source!
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It's not just no carbs that keep you in ketosis. If you consume more calories than you use then your body has no need to be in ketosis. So I think it would need to be low cal, no carb and preferably under 200 cals(like SS+).
I should have been at an all expenses paid luncheon at a London hotel today but as I work in a school too I can't go. uite a relief really-at least I wasn't hit with the lack of food issue.
Sorry that you feel under such pressure to fit in during this economic climate. Well done for your best efforts to minimise damage. I'm sure you'll be back in ketosis in a jiffy. Don't despair :)


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i'm pretty sure that calorific content doesn't have anything to do with keeping you in ketosis. otherwise how on earth would diets like atkins work?

you'll be fine honey. you made sensible choices and will be burning fat again in no time. try not to take too much notice of the sticks. they aren't the gospel truth :)

abz xx


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Good point Abz. Never thought of that one! :) Although I was sure it says somewhere on the details for the 810 plan that people probably won't stay in ketosis because calories are too high. I'm sure someone will know for sure :)
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Hi Terry, some things you have to live with. Put it behind you and look forward - you did your best and you're back on track!


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It isn't essential to stay in ketosis in order to lose weight on the Cambridge diet. All that happens if you come out of ketosis is you are likely to feel very hungry on 800 calories or less and you run the risk of blowing the whole diet due to cravings.

So as long as you recognise that and steel yourself to be extra specially good for a few days after a small treat, then you shouldn't do yourself any weight loss damage in the long term.

I have followed 810 for the whole of my time with Cambridge. I sometimes eat a bit more than that in a day. I try to stay low-carb but I accept that I am on the ketosis threshold with so much food and every so often I pop out. I accept the occasional hungry days as what I have to go through so that I can do 810 rather than SS & I am still averaging weight loss of 2.5 to 3 pounds a week, all of which is fat.

I'm doing CD this way because like you I do a fair amount of social eating, and I think its important to be able to do that and manage it with low-carb choices, rather than just abstain. If you do abstain, then when you finish CD and go back to these events you won't have learnt anything and will probably eat as you used to.

Just my opinion, by I think you've done exactly the right thing for your situation. You've made the best possible choices from where you found yourself. And that is the key to keeping weight off in the long term, never mind whether it fits in with the rules of your current programme or not.
you will be back in ketosis in no time.its hard at times but at least it didnt turn into a binge or completely falling of the wagon you did well :) xx


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Well done on being so restrained and staying in control of your choices:D As for the dinner party - try to stick to one of the higher steps SS+ or 810 foods and you will be fine. - Have a lovely time.

I'm sure you will be back in ketosis soon so put it behind you. Some things are just unavoidable but you made sensible choices and that is what you will hopefully come away from CD doing and why you are making the tough cd journey.

Well done:p
Thank you all for your thoughtful tips and comments. They really do help. I feel much better knowing that I am not a social pariah to this board for having gone off programme. Some of you seem to incorporate social occasions quite nicely into a workable CD and I'll take a page out of your book!

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