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Computer assistance purlease!


Wants a pie
Can anyone tell me in simple step by step instructions how to attach one of your photos to your profile name at the left of your comment? I've been out of work with my baby son and my computer skills have totally deserted me.......I have a mummy tummy and a porridge brain!:p
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Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hi Chebs :)

Have you gone to User CP (top left of the page, in blue)?

Click on that and then choose "Edit Avatar". A page will come up and you can click "Browse" to look/find the picture you want in your own computer.

Once you've found it just click on it and it should load the details into the box that was blank.

Then just choose Save/Upload Image (can't remember exactly what is says) and the page will refresh and should show your picture in the box.

Let me know if you get stuck :)
Avatars are those little pictures next to your post!
Avartars are something you do yourself, but it not that hard.

1) Go to the menu at the top of this page, click on the User CP

2) Go to edit avatars and click.

3) Click on use custom avatars

4) Browse your files to find the picture you want to use

5) Click on save changes

6) It will add your pic to your posts automatically.


Wants a pie
Whoo hoo! A whole new world.....

Thanks very much! I always wondered what that CP thingie was for.........:brainfart:


Wants a pie
If only everything was that bloody simple! Ah go on, humour me, Brucie! :0)

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